Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp- week 1- Meet the "Celebrities"!

I love love love reality television. And if you combine reality television with weight loss? YOU OWN ME. I will be your watchful slave. My DVR is aimed and ready for this new season of Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp. VH1 had me at Kevin Federline.

Weight loss is hard for everyone, but when you are a "celebrity" there are people watching you and waiting for you to fail. Look at Kirstie Alley and Carnie Wilson! The fact that these "celebrities" are willing to put themselves on national television to get healthy makes me respect them a little more. The contestants on The Biggest Loser are just regular folks that have chosen to come out of obscurity to get healthy. The contestants on Fit Club are people that everyone (well, mostly everyone) knows and have faded into obscurity.

Let's meet them!

Sebastian Bach was the lead singer of Skid Row, a pretty awesome 80's hair metal band. He also played Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde on Broadway. Yeah. That really happened.

Kaycee Stroh was the chubby dancing girl from High School Musical.

Bobby Brown is BOBBY BROWN. New Edition, it's my prerogative, Whitney Houston's ex. Also Star of Being Bobby Brown, another reality show gem.

Nicole Eggert, who dated Scott Baio, was on Charles in Charge, and was a life guard on Baywatch. And she still looks great- I am a little confused. . .

Jay McCarroll, season one winner of Project Runway and my favorite! He is HILARIOUS. And he knows how to accessorize. He was also my favorite on Project Runway. I love it when reality shows collide.

Taneesha Thomas. She was on Bad Girls Club. That's a reality show on Oxygen. I've never watched it, but I have seen clips on The Soup and it looks like a hot mess. And she is a hot mess.

Kevin Federline was a dancer and was in the movie You Got Served. And he was married to one Brittney Spears and is the father of her two children. He also was in that commercial for Brittney's perfume. And he was with. . .

Shar Jackson, who is the mother of two of Kevin Federline's children. She was with Kevin when he met Brittney Spears. She was on the show Moesha. I never saw it, but apparently it was popular.

And no one mentioned to Shar that Kevin was going to be on this show with her. I have a feeling that this could be an issue.

The celebrities arrive at the Fit Camp, and are greeted by every one's favorite drill Sergeant, Harvey Walden IV. He yells at them, they yell back, and then they get to change and it's time for the first challenge.

The challenge is an intense looking obstacle course. The contestants are competing against each other two at a time and as a team.

The first duo is Jay vs. Kevin- you would think that Kevin would have this in the bag, being a dancer and all, but because he is a smoker and has gained so much weight, he actually quits a few feet from the top of the course. Jay, the gay fashion designer, pulled everything he had out of himself and won!

Then it's Nicole vs. Taneesha, which seems a little unfair as Nicole is not in terrible shape. Nicole also says she loves working out, and she breezes through the course. Taneesha did try as hard as she could, though, which was impressive.

The musicians pair up next, and it's Bobby Brown vs. Sebastian Bach. I would have thought that Sebastian would smoked him, but Bobby s diligent and he tries to overcome his fear of heights. Sebastian actually wimps out, in his own words.

Kaycee vs. Shar seems like a fair pair. They are both about the same size and shape. Shar was in the lead, and then she falls on her back off the monkey bars. She really messed up her back, but she kept going until she couldn't go any more. Kaycee ends up winning the challenge. Jay and Nicole came to help Shar and she is touched by their outpouring of help.

Harvey lines up the teams to announce the winners: The red team of Nicole, Jay, Bobby and Shar, whose combined total of time was 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 11 seconds. The blue team of Sebastian, Kevin, Kaycee and Taneesha came in at 2 hours, 14 minutes, and 55 seconds. The blue team has to elect who was the dead weight, and they each nominate themselves. Harvey chooses Kevin to dig holes and bury stumps. He can't even dig one hole!

The teams retire to the mess hall for a little dinner action. There is a good table (grilled chicken)and their is a bad table (fried chicken). Dr. Ian Smith (author of the Fat Smash diet book) comes in to talk to the contestants about their eating habits, and Bobby Brown fails miserably. Not only did he eat the fried chicken and drank a couple of beers (wasn't he in rehab?) but he also ate the grilled chicken, too. Why does the show even offer fried chicken and beer in the first place? Sigh. Not even an Extra sugar free gum plug or a Bob Harper in sight.

Dr. Ian brings in a cake with Harvey's face frosted on it to show that a thin sliver of cake was equal to the amount of calories they burned during the obstacle course. Jay says hell on earth equals one piece of cake? Taneesha has to use some serious control to stay away from the cake- you can see her salivating over it.

After dinner life coach Rhonda Britten comes in to talk to the "celebrities" about their personal issues. She takes them outside to talk to drummer Rick Allen from Def Leopard and his wife who have started a drum group that acts as therapy called the Raven Drum Foundation. Drumming changes your blood pressure and your breathing and helps you get out your frustration and the things that are in your subconscious. They all have a therapeutic bongo session, and then it's off to bed.

The next morning, Harvey wakes the "celebrities" with a loud speaker and lots of screaming. They embark on a gut checker, which a series of super tough boot camp style exercises: crunches, burpees, push ups, running sprints. They will perform this series again at the end of the eight weeks to see how far they have progressed.

Shar talks to Rhonda about all the issues that are going on with her and the fallout from being with Kevin. She feels like her life has been robbed, and she wants it back. It looks like losing the weight will put her back in control.

So. . .to the weigh in. They will get their initial weight to see where they need to progress to over the next eight weeks.

Bobby: 199 lbs, 26% body fat Total Goal: 20 lbs, 21% body fat Next week's goal: 3 lbs.

Kaycee: 196 lbs, 41% body fat Total Goal: 30 lbs, 32% body fat Next week's goal: 4 lbs.

Nicole: 130 lbs, 27% body fat Total Goal: 20 lbs, 22% body fat Next week's goal: 3 lbs.

Taneesha: 240 lbs, 47% body fat Total Goal: 35 lbs, 37% body fat Next week's goal: 5 lbs.

Jay: 258 lbs, 25% body fat Total Goal: 30 lbs, 20% body fat Next week's goal: 4 lbs.

Sebastian: 223 lbs, 28% body fat Total Goal: 30 lbs, 24% body fat Next week's goal: 4 lbs.

Shar: 146 lbs, 34% body fat Total Goal: 20 lbs, 27% body fat Next week's goal: 3 lbs.

Kevin: 232 lbs, 33% body fat Total Goal: 30 lbs, 26% body fat Next week's goal: 5 lbs.

Red teams total weight: 733 pounds

Blue teams total weight: 891 pounds

Jay is named team captain of the red team and Kaycee is named captain of the blue team.

It is amazing that people with these numbers are considered overweightand obese in Hollywood. Especially when dealing with the numbers I see with The Biggest Loser. I am so interested in seeing what these "celebrities" do to lose weight and get healthy- and will it actually stick?

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