Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 29 and 30: Insanity Challenge- RECOVERY WEEK

Oh, how my spell checker hates no longer hi lighting the word intenSati. . .

I am into my mid Insanity recovery week and it feels goooooooooood! I do the same workout every day until Saturday- Core Cardio and Balance. Favorite part? Shaun T keeps telling me to take it easy, to rest my muscles! No tuck jumps!

After this week I have another month of Insanity, and then it is time to try something new! But next week I shall be back at the Insanity and into my marathon training.

OH! Check in! I weighed and measured yesterday after intenSati was over, and I wanted to share that I am down 2 pounds, 2 inches off waist, 2.5 inches off hips, 1 inch off chest, gained almost 1/2 an inch in biceps, and down 1/2 an inch in both thighs since the 11th of January. Holler at your girl.

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