Thursday, July 15, 2010

Losing It with Jillian!: Episode 7- "We're not going to get along."

There are a lot of families out there that submitted themselves to be on Losing It. They put in their videos and pictures, prayed every night to be chosen, and unfortunately, were not chosen. Maybe they weren't television friendly enough, maybe they didn't have enough issues that would make for an interesting show. Not true with the Franklin family of Detroit, MI. Dad Todd has severe sleep apnea (he stops breathing over 8,000 times a night), Mom Amy had gastric bypass surgery and is gaining the weight back and is a smoker, and daughters Chloe and Lily are worried about their parents living healthy long lives. And they are ridiculously adorable. When Jillian came a knockin', this family started rockin'. And not in a good way.

Problem one: Jillian decided to "surprise" the family by sitting in their living room while the family thought they were filming a casting video. They didn't know they were already ON the show. Amy walks into the living room hiding a pack of cigarettes behind her back. And Jillian already found the big jars of candy all over the house. Amy starts crying and says she doesn't want to do this.

Problem two: Todd. Todd is a drama queen. He loves when people feel sorry for him, especially his friends who are in good shape and would LOVE for Todd to be healthy. Todd doesn't quit just once on Jillian, but twice. And he says can't a lot.

Problem three: Todd is a late night binge eater. Jillian totally busts him.

Problem four: Amy smokes in front of Jillian. Jillian totally busts her.

Problem five: Youngest daughter Chloe already has an attachment to food- she cries when Jillian goes to throw out her white bread, "That's my favorite kind of bread!" Jillian's explanation as to why whole grain bread is better is brilliant.

Problem six: Amy and Todd have a not so great relationship. Amy gives Todd the ULTIMATE ultimatum: Get better or I'm leaving you.

Problem seven: The most uncomfortable dinner party ever. Jillian invites the family and friends over to tell Todd to stop being such a wiener and to take control of his health. This is the tipping point, the AHA moment, but it felt alot more like an episode of Intervention. Pass the hummus, and by the way, I don't want you to die.

Somehow, Jillian works her magic on this tough cookie family and they actually listen to her. When she returns six weeks later for cutie pie Lily's tenth birthday, Todd has lost 33 pounds and is no longer on his sleep machine, and Amy has lost 17 pounds and has quit smoking. Their relationship is stronger. Amy puts it well: "It was all right here. This is my life and I love it."

Next week: A nine-year-old boy with a solid B cup. This should be interesting.

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