Monday, July 19, 2010

Dance Your A** Off- season 2/episode 6- "Sum-Sumatime!"

Dance shows are great summer TV. They are fun and light, very entertaining, and lately, chocked full of injuries. Dancers make it look SO EASY, but on So You Think You Can Dance two dancers (Alex and Ashley) were sent home two weeks in a row for a torn Achilles Tendon and rib injuries. Not to be outdone, someone on Dance Your Ass Off was also sent home for a dance related injury this week.

The lovable Briana who brings it week after week tore her MCL (medial collateral ligament) and all are wondering if she will be able to compete.

Before all that, though, the contestants are told by Mel B this week's show is a celebration of all things Summer. The contestants will be hosting a BBQ and forced to wear bathing suits, which prompts contestant Katie to say, "We are still fat obese people!"

Trainer Lee teaches the contestants to tread water in an aqua based workout, nutritionist Rachel tells them how to make a diet friendly BBQ spread, and Adamme leis everyone in their backyard. In between they are all learning their routines for the show. And we learn that Stephanie is still a virgin. Last week she was on her period. Do you think she knows that all this is going to be on television?


And the weigh in:
Adamme: From 263.2 lbs to 254.7 lbs- 8.5 lbs lost + dance score = 12.2
Latoya: From 195.6 lbs to 190.9 lbs- 4.7 lbs lost + dance score = 10.4
Stephanie: From 180.5 lbs to 176.5 lbs- 4.0 lbs lost + dance score = 9.5
Erica: From 210.1 lbs to 207.6 lbs- 2.5 lbs lost + dance score = 8.9
Michael: From 249.1 lbs to 242.6 lbs- 6.5 lbs lost + dance score = 8.3
Katie: From 194.2 lbs to 190.3 lbs- 3.9 lbs lost + dance score = 8.3
Corey: From 290.3 lbs to 284.7 lbs- 5.6 lbs lost + dance score = 7.9

Briana doesn't even weigh in as her knee gives out during her performance and she is unable to finish competing in the contest. Which is a shame because she had some serious moves!

Next episode is strictly ballroom- a curse for some. . .

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