Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Apartment Fitness: AeroBarre

I love boxing. I love ballet. Never would I have thought to put these two forms together, but super cool former pro boxer Michael Olajide Jr. (he wears an eye patch!) and former ballet dancer Leila Fazel who both own AeroSpace NYC have put them together for their new DVD AeroBarre. And it works!

I have not taken a class at AeroSpace NYC in person so I was dieing to try it out. Never any harm in getting down in the privacy of your own apartment!

The video is SLICK. The first thing you'll notice is Michael's smooth, smokey voice leading you along on top of some really cool beats. Leila is the on screen presence, but she doesn't speak. She does wear the coolest looking alligator pattern boxing shoes. The video leads you through a series of rounds beginning with a warm up, leading into shadow boxing and basic ballet moves: First and second position plies, releves, and attitudes. Most of the shadow boxing is done with light weights. Michael recommends one pounders, but I only have three pounds. I could still do all the moves just fine.

The best part of the video is the music which is very tribal and original. And I love transitioning from graceful assemblies to punches. It is only 50 minutes long and it flew by!

Equipment: light hand weights, body bar (not 100% necessary), and a high backed chair if you don't have a body bar.

Fitness level: Beginner to Advanced. No prior boxing or ballet training is needed, and there is a quick demo at the beginning to explain technique.

Fun Level: Six Flags! (more flags, more fun right?)


  1. this sounds like a fun workout...thanks for bringing this to my attention =)