Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back from vacation!

Hello blog world! I just got back from my 4th of July weekend in South Carolina- it was so nice! I tried to take a real break: No tweeting or blog posting, but I hope you enjoyed my weekend treats. Fridays post was my favorite!

Anyhoo, I did engage in some healthy behaviors, even though I was out of town. I went biking and now I want a bicycle now more than ever. I did some dog walking on the beach.
And I definitely got some mental health breakage, which may be the most important part of taking some time for yourself! I felt great inside and out and was ready to head back to NYC on the hottest day in over 30 years.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends, and please remember to take care of your body while it is SO very hot out there. My tips?
1.) Drink your lion's share of water- 8 glasses as a minimum!
2.) Workout indoors where it is cool! I love DVDs for this, or go to the gym. DUST OFF THAT MEMBERSHIP CARD!
3.) Work out early in the day or at night. I love to get my workout done early so I feel awesome all day long.
Have a great day and stayed tuned this week for posts on Losing It, Dance Your Ass Off, Bridal Boot Camp, Huge, and the Kettlebell Convention this weekend!


  1. Mental health break? That sounds like bliss! Great tips for the heat. I try to get up early to run before it's hot.

  2. Cute pic! I had one of those too. I didn't even think about work for a few days...

    I LOVE MY BIKE!!! Get one, you won't regret it. I wish I used it for transportation more but I love doing an hour ride before work when it's just a little too hot to run.