Friday, July 9, 2010

Bridal Boot Camp- episode 5: "I wanna go home with a flat tummy anna good self esteem."

Stop the presses! I was tweeting with Tara from Tennessee (the one who left because of her grandma being ill last week) and she said her grandma is fine (yay!) and that the show was taped 2 1/2 years ago! WHAT? That means that all these ladies are already married! OR DIVORCED. OH NO!

So all you bridezillas that participated on this show- reach out to me! I want to interview you! I want to hear about your Bridal Bootcamp experience! Did Cynthia Conde always wear camo? Does Francesca speak? Does Steve create his cheers in advance and then make you practice them? I want to know all.

Okay. Week 5. Ginger Courtney is gone, so who will the girls pick on now?

Francesca is concerned about three time losers Bridal Team Green. It is only Kacey and Melissa left- who wants it more? The girls battle it out in a bootcamp race and Melissa wins. "Eat that Kacey!" Melissa says.

Blue Bridal Team has a different approach. Trainer Steve is feeling confident that his girls can have a fourth win, so he has them engage in a visualization exercise. They must climb to the top of a rope and say what they hope to change by the time they leave boot camp.
Amberly: I want to go home with a flat stomach!
Jamie: I want to have a strong upper body!
Tesha: I wanna go home with a flat tummy anna good self esteem!

By the time they get down from that tree it was time for the Marital Mission. This week's challenge? The Better Half Obstacle Course: Strapping wax dummies of their fiance's to their backs and running through an obstacle course. Tesha can tell which one is hers because he is "a good looking chocolate man". Melissa answers her fiancee question correctly, so she gets to start 5 yards ahead of the rest of the girls and chooses Jamie to start 10 yards behind.

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The race begins with Melissa in the lead, but after she gets stuck on the monkey bars, the other girls quickly pass her. Jamie ends up winning the challenge and Melissa comes in last. "I have never finished last at anything in my life," she wails. Jamie is safe from elimination and wins a year's supply of Maybelline makeup. Melissa wins a trip to the elimination room.

Jamie also gets to choose one of her Blue teammates to get out of jail free: She chooses Amberly, leaving Tesha to enter the Fitting Room with the Green team. So Tesha is the new Courtney!

At the winners pier, Cynthia weighs in two blue.
Amberly: From 155 lbs to 152 lbs- 3 lbs lost
Jamie: From 132 lbs to 133 lbs- 1 lb gained

Good thing Jamie won the challenge.

At the Fitting Room, the girls are nervous to learn of their fate.
Tesha: From 144 lbs to 145 lbs- 1 lb gained
Kacey: From 134 lbs to 132 lbs- 2 lbs lost
Melissa: From 162 lbs to 161 lbs- 1 lb lost

Melissa and Tesha are the bottom two. Each girl speaks as to why they should stay at camp: Melissa is addicted to exercise and Tesha is the most improved bride. When Cynthia asks Steve who should go, he says Tesha. WHAT? What happened to blue team spirit? Cynthia makes it so and Tesha is asked to go.

Next week: Crazy rock climbing obstacle course and secret surprise guests!

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