Friday, July 23, 2010

Bridal Boot Camp- SEASON FINALE: "I'm going to have to ask Jesus for help here."

VH1 brilliantly put the last two episodes of Bridal Bootcamp together for a one hour mega episode! Since the show only had eight 30 minute episodes, it was a good thing they only did it one time. . .otherwise, the show would have been over in three weeks.

We have reached the finals! Bridal Team Blue is represented by Amberly and Jamie and Bridal Team Green is represented by Melissa. All fierce competitors. All ready to win the wedding of their dreams. So, what do the ladies need to do?

Melissa immediately thinks GAME PLAY and goes to Amberly to form an alliance against Jamie. Amberly promptly tells Jamie. You know how girls are. Much to Melissa's chagrin, Cynthia informs them when they arrive for the final Marital Mission there will be no alliances- DOH!- and each girl will be competing alone.

For "The Long Haul" mission, each woman must listen to her fiance on the other end of a walkie talkie. The fiance will ask a question. If the contestant gets it right, she gets to go to an exercise station, complete the exercise, and go to the next station. If she answers it incorrectly, she must complete an exercise penalty and then go to the next station. The bride who gets to her fiance first wins a date night with her guy and a guaranteed spot in the finals.

I felt so badly for these girls! When they heard their guys voice, they all started crying. They all wanted it so much, but in the end, Melissa made it to the end and got to see her fiance Billy. The other girls had to say good bye over the walkie talkie. Wee woo.

Melissa gets to meet Cynthia on the weight loss pier of winners, losing 5 pounds to make her new weight 150 from 155. ""I am a weight loss machine!" she says.

Amberly and Jamie head to the Fitting Room to find out who will be joining Melissa in the finals.

Jamie: From 130 lbs to 128 lbs- 2 lbs lost

Amberly: From 149 lbs to 144 lbs- 5 lbs lost

Although the decision is ultimately Cynthia's, she brings in Melissa to add her two cents. She wants to get rid of Jamie (of course), while Steve votes for Amberly. Cynthia decides on Amberly since Jamie gained weight one week and lost no weight another week and Amberly was always consistent.

Jamie goes home "a whole new Jamie: I am strong. I have self esteem."

Cynthia sends Melissa and Amberly home for the last leg of the competition. The girls must lose more weight over four weeks, come back to Bridal Bootcamp, and have a final weigh in to determine the winner. There is a furious work out montage between Melissa and Amberly, each one "pushing it into overdrive."

One month later, we are back in the Fitting Room. Cynthia looks the same, Steve looks the same, Francesca looks the same, but the two ladies look stunning and SMALL. They are ready to weigh in and see who gets the wedding of their dreams! As their fiance's look on, the women take their place on the scale.

Melissa: From 150 lbs to 129.6 lbs- 20.4 lbs lost- 13.6 % body weight: 52 total lbs lost

Amberly: From 144 lbs to 124.4 lbs- 19.6 lbs lost- 13.61 % body weight: 44 total lbs lost

Amberly wins by 1/10 of a pound! Melissa's fiance promises that they will have the wedding of their dreams no matter what, and with that, the contest is over.

Fast forward to Amberly preparing for her vintage 1940's wedding to fiance Ed, complete with side pony tail and dress that shows her classy shoulder tattoo of a Playboy bunny. Cynthia was there, Steve was there, and Amberly looked lovely and thin. The wedding of her dreams was achieved!

The end.

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