Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apartment Fitness: LaloFit II: The Freeze Technique

Every so often I come upon a lemon in my home DVD offerings. It is unfortunate: I read other customer reviews, watch the clips, and do a lot of research before I actually go through the purchasing process (I am SO not an impulse shopper). I was really excited about LaloFit II: The Freeze Technique but it just left me cold.

Lalo Fuentes is an attractive host and is in great shape so I assumed the workout I would be engaging in would be of his caliber. Plus, Collage Video where I ordered the DVD from said that it was advanced. I was hoping that it would be like a version of Insanity which I loved. Unfortunately, it was none of those things.

The video is just Lalo with an awful music beat in the background. It is voice over cuing with a timer on screen and a rep counter. I found the flow of the workout to be awkward: The warm up was choppy (a really difficult stretch that lasted FOREVER followed by super easy jumping in place) and the actual workout was mostly push ups, very light weights, and some plyometrics. Each segment usually had three very easy exercises followed by one that was either insanely hard or insanely complicated. Then a thirty second break with some inspiring messages ("Let's do this!") on the screen.

The worst segment was the abs section. There were some REALLY tough ab exercises (supine, legs lifted about 6 inches off floor, feet stacked on top of each other, switching feet in circular motions, for about 2 minutes) and then once your heart rate is down and you are feeling cool, you stand back up and do plyo jump squats with push up burpees. REALLY, Lalo?

The number one thing that I didn't like about the video was how boring it was. The music (although original) was not great, the voice over cuing was not good (at one point I was still on the ground stretching and he had moved on without me- but didn't think it was necessary to mention it), and it was dull. But Lalo seems like a nice guy. If that counts for anything at all.

Equipment: mat, hand weights

Fitness level: Intermediate to Advanced- some exercises were very challenging

Fun Level: Wee woo. Unless you like JUST watching Lalo and not exercising. Then it may be a little more entertaining.

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