Monday, July 12, 2010

KBC Galvanized class review: Dumb Training with Patrick Goudeau and KB & Medicine Ball with Keli Roberts

Saturday I was dealing with sniffles and I missed out on so many great classes at the KBC Galvanized conference. I knew I needed to suck it up, so Sunday morning I woke up feeling like a rock star and ready to take on two industry greats: Patrick Goudeau and Keli Roberts.

Here is Patrick and I after his class- I don't know if you can see HOW sweaty I am.

Patrick's class was called Dumb Training, and it was a lot of different variations on a dumbbell workout with lots of cardio bursts. For example: plank row, cross your hand over the other hand and skip hop in plank to the other dumbbell and plank row. Now I know why my traps and core are so sore today!

The best part of the class WAS Patrick. He is an amazing choreographer with engaging moves and seamless transitions. I learned a lot of great new moves I can share with my clients in the future. Plus he is such a sweetie! Check out his video library on his site! I own Not Your Momma's Step and it is a lot of fun.

Next was Keli Robert's class Kettlebell and Medicine Ball. Coolest part? Before class started, she sat down on the ground with us and shot the breeze. Keli has been filming fitness workouts since the 80's- she even had a step workout with CHER. CHER! If I could turn back time. . .

Keli sat us down and broke down the workout for us first, and then lead us through 7 circuits of combo kettlebell and medicine ball drills. I have never used a medicine ball before and now it is my favorite new tool. Hard bouncing to a partner, twists, rolling the ball while in plank- it was more like play than a workout!

Keli and I after class- I am sweaty and she looks fresh as a flower. Plus look how tall she is! I loved meeting her and listening to her Aussie accent. Just like Patrick, Keli was so amazingly smooth and professional. You can get spoiled having a really great instructor like that- it ruins you for anyone else! Check out Keli on her website

Thanks again to the folks at KettleBell Concepts for allowing me to get in on the action of this conference. It was so much fun and I met so many amazing people. If you missed it- you must come out next year!

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