Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bridal Boot Camp- episode 4: "If I can't eat it I might as well be in it!"

Oh Bridal Boot Camp. You are always here mid week to pick me up, make me laugh, and punch me in the face with some good ole' fashioned cat fighting.

It is week 4! The teams are getting closer together: Bridal Team Green is giving each other manis and pedis with their trainer Francesca. They are also braiding each other's hair and talking about their periods. Bridal Team Blue, on the other hand, is outside doing kickboxing and running drills. I take it that trainer Steve isn't much for the hair braiding. Tesha says that Green team is "a bunch of pretty princesses", and Bridal Team Blue is ready to keep winning.

A small wrench in their plans- Tara from Tennessee (My friend on Twitter! YAY SOCIAL NETWORKING!) gets an upsetting call that her grandma is not doing well and her mom wants her home with their family. Wee woo. Tara has to pack her knives and go, but not before she reveals that she has gone from 192 pounds to 177 pounds in the short time she has been training.

There is no rest for the weary: An invitation for a marital mission is slipped under the door no sooner than Tara shut it behind her. Cynthia beckons with the message "you can't have your cake and eat it, too". That sounds like a challenge any hungry bridezilla would want to get behind.

Cynthia and the trainers meet the ladies at a wrestling ring filled with a 15 x 15 wedding cake. The ladies will have to take each other down to China Town. Which ever team wins the most rounds will win flowers for the wedding. The chum has been released and the sharks are circling! Flowers are incredibly expensive and this would be a great prize for anyone to win.

Kaycee lost the most weight last week, so she gets the opportunity to answer her fiancee question to determine who gets matched up with the Green Team. She answers correctly (yay Kaycee!) and pits Amberly with herself, Melissa with Jamie ("Watch out Idaho, I'm going to stuff you!" Melissa growls), and Courtney and Tesha. Tesha promises the cake is going to be "pink, white, and red with your lipstick". These girls are SCARY.

Cynthia makes the women promise a clean fight, and Blue Team MOPS UP the Green Team with their fists. Blue Team is once again safe from elimination and wins the flowers. "Thank you Jesus!" crows Tesha.

Bridal Team Green has egg (and cake) on their faces, and starts some friction with the Blue Team over their smack talk. Example:

Amberly: It was a mind game!
Melissa: I was called a rich bitch!
Amberly: You could be called MUCH worse.


The Blue Team showers and meets at the weigh in pier with Cynthia.

Jamie: From 134 lbs to 132 lbs- 2 lbs lost
Tesha: From 145 lbs to 144 lbs- 1 lb lost
Amberly: From 157 lbs to 155 lbs- 2 lbs lost

Then the Green Team heads to the Fitting Room for the third week in a row!

Melissa: From 166 lbs to 162 lbs- 4 lbs lost
Kaycee: From 135 lbs to 134 lbs- 1 lb lost
Courtney: From 145 lbs to 142 lbs- 3 lbs lost

Ginger Courtney is finally in the bottom two with Kaycee, and with a too little too late from Cynthia, is sent home. Maybe they gave her a coloring book for the plane ride home.

The groups are getting smaller and smaller- literally and figuratively. Let's get it on.

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