Friday, July 9, 2010

KBC Galvanized class review: PlyoPilates Bell Fusion

I mean, look at that name. It has EVERYTHING in it! Plyometrics, pilates, kettlebells, and they are all fused together. This was the first class that I was going to be participating in so I wasn't QUITE sure what to expect. But I was excited that I did.

The class was presented by Miami-based fitness professional Maria Sollon-Scally, a perky bundle of energy that had just gotten off crutches two days before after injuring her ankle. She didn't let that slow her down, however, and proceeded to lead us through a 1 1/2 hour class (!).

I am relatively new to kettlebells, and after observing some of the serious professionals that were all around me today I was nervous I wouldn't be able to hold my own. Maria is so nice she immediately made me feel comfortable with the 10 pound kettlebell that I had chosen. She recommended 4 pounds for a "typical" class. I tried to hold onto the kettlebell as long as I could and not feel bad if my arms needed a break!

The class fused kettlebell moves like wood choppers and figure eights with chair pose from yoga and all those little pulsing moves from pilates. We planked, we downward dogged, we plied, and we swung those kettlebells until I was dripping with sweat. Did I mention the class was LONG? Oh boy. But satisfying.

The photos below demonstrate some of the ab and teaser work we did- the splayed leg move was particularly challenging! It is hard to take pictures when you are sweating, your arms are shaking, and the instructor is swinging around a kettlebell- be kind.

Maria can be found on her website, and teaching other classes this weekend at the KBC Galvanized convention!

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