Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tweets from Last Night- #BL9

A collection of some fine moments from last night's live tweeting!

14:48 #BL9 week 3 recap- Mike's dream journal. . .
18:40 Want to know what's going up with what's going down? Check out It's mine, so you know it's good. :)
19:31 If you missed last weeks #BL9, check out my blog: and catch up!
19:35 I so agree! RT @ediecoop #BL9 I hope Melissa from the red team is gone! She is not inspiring & should have never made it on the show!
19:58 Ready to go! RT @pseymour: Get ready to rock n roll tonight with what looks to be a heated episode! Just the way we like em, right? ;) #bl9
19:59 Thank you Cyndi! RT @CyndiRenee just read ur blog on #BL9- for last week--loved it!
20:00 Time to get BUCK WILD with the red team! #BL9
20:02 Mike, the star of my blog this week! #BL9
20:02 HEY! RT @SeeKrisRun @phillyBurbs @biggestloserlvr Holla
20:03 Myopic view! RT @AmandaAnn86 I feel bad because Melissa is ruining this experience for her husband... He needs this! #BL9
20:04 I feel like they use the great power responsiblity quote at least once a week. #BL9
20:05 Notice how red is the bad color! Yeah Melissa! #bl9
20:07 Mike- slow and steady wins the race to a certain point. . .#BL9
20:07 @MadamePC Thanks Paula!!!!!
20:08 @HappyRN34 Hi Sharon!
20:10 That's called karma, Melissa. #BL9
20:10 @biggestloserlvr Hi Lori!!!
20:11 Is this thing on? :) RT @artisticdork: What have YOU dont today to make YOU feel proud? Anyone? ;) #bl9
20:12 @kristina64 I think she only knows how to play the game. . .#BL9
20:14 Lance was an underwater diver- maybe he should chose the cards. #BL9
20:14 F THAT! Melissa is going to be the fattest contestant! #BL9
20:16 This reeks of GAMEPLAY. Don't be dumb, Lance. #BL9
20:16 @biggestloserlvr EEK! BLOG PICS!
20:17 "Some of us said some things" like myself. Me. Melissa. #BL9
20:17 @XxCrystalGHxX Hey Crystal!
20:18 WOW. Really? Messing with the green team? YIKES. #BL9
20:19 I AGREE. RT @DietConfessions: Almost a Tracey repeat! #bl9
20:20 Mike's bandana is OUT OF CONTROL. The Biggest Bandana. #BL9
20:21 Green team scares me! RT @XxCrystalGHxX I know rite those are JerZ girls u don't mess with JerZ girls lol #BL9
20:22 See how Melissa keeps looking away? She's LYING! #Lietome #BL9
20:22 I loved BERNIE! RT @DietsInReview Remember Bernie's "Berndana" in BL5? He totally rocked it first! #BL9
20:23 Just wait until Mom gets home. #BL9
20:25 Don't let Jillian talk to Sherri Shepherd. The world isn't flat, Lance and Melissa. #BL9 #
20:26 This is SO heavy. Can't wait for the"behind the scenes" footage of Melissa eating chocolate candies and not pooping. #BL9
20:27 Birds of a feather lie together! RT @Heavengurl12: Lance is just as bad as Melisa! Omg !! #BL9
20:28 HA! RT @Tabru1: Since when is it bad to be called a liar when you are in fact lying?? #BL9
20:31 Melissa should be skured! RT @shannonruns Get her Jillian! #BL9
20:32 AGREED! RT @ladyg8r I think the red team should be kicked out for refusing to follow the program... #BL9
20:33 SHE THREW THE WEIGH INS! TRUST ME! Oh I trust you, Jillian. #BL9
20:34 NBC EXECS! LISTEN! RT @garthygurl: #BL9 where is the twist in order to keep immunity you have to lose weight
20:34 Wow. I need to take a shower after that last plug. GROSS OUT. #BL9
20:37 RT @smashley1031: #BL9 Red team = crazy. Go @JillianMichaels ! Way to call a spade a spade! @Ali_Sweeney @MyTrainerBob
20:38 Wait. Did Jillian just call Sam Sionne? I think she did! #BL9
20:39 Good thing Maria is gone. This is more water than 4 feet. #BL9
20:41 Why does Ali keep quoting Spiderman week after week? #BL9
20:43 @swissms99 Yes! It's weird!
20:45 HA! Wilson's disease!RT @r8chthegr8: Anyone watch House last night? Remember that crazy chick? I think the red girl is like on #BL9. Psycho!
20:45 Shay is looking good! GET IT SHAY! #BL9
20:47 LOL Try Human Target! RT @sstaysea: #BL9 If red wins I'm watching NCIS from now on
20:48 New #BL9 drinking game! RT @swissms99 10 bucks she says it one more time (at least) :)
20:50 YES! RT @kimhonnick: #BL9 go grey go grey go grey go grey.......
20:51 Melissa might have just given birth. #Ididn'tknowIwaspregnant! Explains the weight gain. . . #BL9
20:52 @SloRunnerMom HA! A sexy Bob the builder!
20:53 REALLY? C'mon Grey team. Don't fall under Melissa's spell! #BL9
20:54 Apparently Miggy also accepts gifts on her daughter's behalf. #BL9
20:54 @SeeKrisRun You heard that scream! :)
20:55 Trainer tip= stretching my legs! #BL9
20:58 Hope she gains a pound! RT @kimhonnick: #BL9 any guesses how much she'll lose tonite?I say at least double digits...
20:59 @PrimaDo HA! I think that sounds tasty!
21:00 OOH! Some green and red smack down to look forward to! Red and green means black and blue! #BL9
21:00 Why no numbers on the Biggest Loser brand phone? #BL9
21:03 Does Migdalia get to use the phone, Mom? #BL9
21:05 It stresses me out! RT @hoopsfreak03 Heads will roll at the weigh-i n tonight!! Can not wait!! #BL9
21:08 That explains a lot! RT @ladyg8r No wonder she's been an emotional mess! #BL9
21:10 Her mom left least week. . . RT @jennyrotten: failed to notice the crap week purple had. 10mi run, no calls home. #BL9
21:10 With great fuel comes great responsibility. #BL9
21:11 Mike should have worn his mountain climbing sweat band. #BL9
21:11 Daris! Return the ring to Mordor! #BL9
21:12 I KNOW! Annoying. RT @Runeatrepeat: Biggest Loser is like an informercial now... #BL9
21:13 I'm in love with my kettlebells! #BL9
21:14 Something tells me that this is an unsafe real "Last chance" workout. Like when it kills you. #BL9
21:15 Cheryl, no need to pant. You are IN the wheel barrow. #BL9 #
21:15 @Spankadia Hee hee. Thanks! #
21:16 Wow. Jillian looked super hot and polished in that last clip. #BL9 #
21:16 @MissS hannan I say cut the commercials and make the show one hour long. :) #B9 #
21:22 @biggestloserlvr Maybe? That was two or three weeks ago- does it time out right? #
21:23 Red team is going to lose bupkiss next week! HA! #BL9 #
21:25 @FITNESSmarianne If they have immunity, she can have small #'s. Saves the big loss for "when it counts". Stupid gameplay. :( #BL9 #
21:26 @jodidanziger I'm with you sister.
21:27 Daris kind of looks like Side Show Bob. Side Show Daris. #BL9
21:29 HEE! RT @SeeKrisRun: Daris, you are my favorite. I want to take my fingers and run it through your golden locks of love. #biggestloser #bl9
21:30 @FITNESSmarianne No. Her husband's weight was only weight that counted. Immunity the week before- gained a pound. Lost one pound last week.
21:31 @FITNESSmarianne So much drama in 141 characters! :)
21 :31 @FoxySelf Gettin' on with her Foxy self!
21:32 They are such a cute team. Go orange! #OKLAHOMAPROUD #BL9
21:34 All the mom's sacrifice themselves over their kids. :( #BL9
21:35 Look at the single team members working it out! #BL9
21:37 @FITNESSmarianne My pleasure! I'm a reality show geek. :)
21:38 HOLLER! RT @SeeKrisRun: HOLLA if you hear me, Grey Team Grey Team...Work it OUT BOYS #biggestloser #bl9
21:39 Look at that body language. Crap. #BL9
21:39 I know! What support! RT @SloRunnerMom It's what moms do. I wld too All the mom's sacrifice themselves over their kids. :( #BL9
21:41 GRR! RT @AmandaAnn86: I hate Miggy and Midalia's defeated attitude... It annoys me how the-world-is-against-me they act! #BL9
21:42 @wildangelks Danny?
21:44 OUCH. I guess that's the emotion. #BL9
21:44 WOW! I hate Melissa. HATE HATE HATE her. #BL9
21:46 Wilson's disease strikes again! #House #BL9
21:48 That comment I made about mother's sacrificing? I spoke too soon- Miggy is not like that. . .#BL9
21:48 OMG. Melissa is so friggin' stupid!!! Hi pot, this is the kettle. YOU ARE BLACK. #BL9
21:51 And now for some wise words from the grey team. . .#BL9
21:53 RT @frsLicup: #omgitssotrue RT @LucindaLC: "Lets remember where the drama is coming from." Is she for real? #BL9
21:53 I'm scared! RT @sarahebriley: Whose idea was it to sit red next to green at the elimination. Someone might get hurt #BL9
21:54 She scares me! RT @biggestloserlvr Easy to see where Migdalia gets it from. @SloRunnerMom: that's because its always about miggy
21:56 Her feelings would best be described in a monologue from the made-for-tv movie "Boy in a Bubble". . .#BL9
21:57 But now Miggy is left on the ranch! Lock your doors while you sleep Grey team! #BL9
21:58 GAINED 10 pounds! See Jillian knows what is UP. #BL9
22:01 Well, that was super wee woo. Y'all have a good night! Love my #Bl 9 tweeters!!!

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