Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 12: intenSati Insanity Challenge

I love to read my posts where I'm like, "I'm gonna run a marathon tomorrow and then maybe hike up Mount Everest. I know it'll happen. Word."

And as the day progresses my muscles start to get so sore that I can barely unhook my bra. Maybe that trip to Everest isn't as good an idea as I had first thought.

Today when I woke up I knew it wasn't going to be a triple play day. I knew it could be an Insanity day, though. And I could drink my 8 glasses of water.

It is important to assess how you feel every day and match your activity level to that. If you push yourself too hard you can cause injury, stress, fatigue- all the yucky stuff that is going to prevent you from doing your very best.

Tomorrow I am trying an intenSati class with a new teacher and then doing Insanity- and then it is my rest day! And then my second fit test on Monday. Let's see what has changed in these crazy two weeks!!!

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