Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 5: intenSati Insanity Challenge

It's crazy how many signs there are in my life right now that point to me doing the right thing. I should be putting myself through all this insanity! Know why?

Because Shaun T (creator of Insanity) came to my danceSati class this morning. WHAT? I KNOW. Patricia Moreno and Shaun T in the flesh in the same room with me at the same time.

I saw him walk in the studio and I was like, "He's checking on me! How does he know that I was here? Am I keeping my core tight?" At the point in class when Patricia has us all introduce ourselves to our class mates, I let him know that I had been punishing myself at home with Insanity and he gave me a big high 5.

I was actually not too sore to lift my hand over my head to give him the high 5 back.

danceSati was a beautiful combination of modern dance and jazz and it was so much fun. yogaSati was like intenSati but Patricia does the affirmations while we twist and turn ourselves into sweaty oblivion.

Then it was home to do Pure Cardio in the Insanity location. It was very much like the class that I took in May- I think I most wanted to die during the push up jacks.

But I didn't die. And I actually didn't feel super tired. It's WORKING!!!!

Tomorrow is only one workout and then rest day on Sunday! Holler.

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