Thursday, January 7, 2010

Biggest Whiner Erik Chopin

I just watched the Discovery Health documentary "Confessions of a reality show loser" featuring Biggest Loser's season 3 winner Erik Chopin.

This is what Erik looked like after the Biggest Loser:

And this is what he looks like now:

Wow. Wha happen'?

According to the show, Erik feels that The Biggest Loser is responsible for him regaining his weight because they just "dropped him" after the show.

After winning the show Erik sold the deli he owned and was ready to start his life as a new "hot" guy. But then the reality show fame dwindled, the endorsement deals stopped, and Erik started gaining.

BOO HOO ERIK. What about all the other people that managed to keep it off? They all say it is hard work: Eating well and working out. That combination works for reality show stars and real folks.

I'm sorry. If you stop working out and then you eat poorly, you will gain weight. It's happened to me. It's happened to my friends and family.

What made me so angry with Erik is that he and his wife were filled with excuses, blaming everyone other than themselves for what has happened. Instead of looking within himself for the answers, he turned to food like he did before he got on the show. Clearly, therapy was needed because they mention several times that he is depressed. They mention several times that he misses the spotlight being on him. They even mentioned that he felt like killing himself because he had nothing to live for.

Erik isn't interested in being a role model or spokesperson for weight loss. He wants to be a spokesperson for Erik. And no one wanted to hear anything he had to say. Most people that have left the show have become trainers, motivational speakers, book writers, bloggers, tweeters, etc. They realize that the show was not the end all be all, but just the beginning of a different journey. I really think that until Erik starts treating himself inside the way he wants to be treated outside, he will always be heavy.


  1. Amen to all that! All successes in life come from one gives it to you and you can't buy it.

  2. Ugh yeah - that makes me sick. I mean, I lost a bunch of weight without anyone holding my hand and I'm a lazy SOB. Anyone can do it. :)

    That's the one reason that show scares me (though I agree it's inspiration and one of the better fluff reality shows to watch) - there is such a mental component to weight loss, and there is only so much you can work through in your head in that short of a time. So I hope he gets into therapy and maybe THEN he'll be able to for really real be healthy.

  3. I'm not really familiar with him and didn't hear him speak or on Oprah.

    And I totally agree with the last 2 lines of your post.

    But that doesn't mean I don't feel sorry for him. It must feel terrifying to have had that much support--the elite of weight loss programs--and then gain it back. . . where could you turn to then? It feels awful, awful, awful to gain back lost weight. And after winning something like the Biggest Loser it would just feel worse.

    It just goes to show that losing the fat doesn't equal success--there are other components, like gaining self esteem and conquering some old skeletons that lead you astray.

    There is so much shame in being fat. So much more shame in regaining. There's no way I'm going to point the finger and add to someone's shame.

    He probably does need counseling and to look within, and it's dreadful that he didn't see that or know it or know how to do it before. And he may be an ass for all I know. . . but I still feel for him.

  4. 45 and aspiring- I totally agree with you. I DO feel for the guy- it's hard when what has worked for so many others doesn't work for you. I feel the show was putting a little more blame on the NBC show and not on the fact he was making poor choices. The accountablity at the end of the day, that sort of thing.
    Other than that, I agree with you 100%.
    Alison :)

  5. Whew! So glad I didn't piss you off. I wanted to wait til I knew you better for THAT to happen! :)

    I get what you're saying about the accountability and all. You gotta own it.

    Thanks for your support on my site.