Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 9: intenSati Insanity Challenge

Ah, the family is gone. My apartment is back to normal. And now my routine can go back to normal. Honestly, I am shocked that I managed to start this challenge last week when we had a full house! I must be insane.

Lame joke. Crickets? Really?

On the intenSati front, I purchased Patricia Moreno's shiny new book The intenSati Method: The 7 Secret Principles to Thinner Peace at Barnes and Noble today, and drank my 8 plus glasses of water. Plus, I changed a snarky comment on my facebook profile page to something more truthful: "Everyday in a very true way I co-create my reality." Words to live by.

On the Insanity front, I did Pure Cardio, which seemed a little easier to do without doing danceSati and yogaSati back to back. Maybe I had more energy? Right now my thighs are on fire, which I hope is a good thing.

Tomorrow it is intenSati and Insanity together! Looking forward to seeing the changes my body is already feeling.

Wanna try out Insanity? Click here. I sell it! Wanna try out intenSati? Click here.

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