Monday, October 26, 2009

What I am "F'd Up!" about today! McDonald's Monopoly: Gain Big to Win?

I picked up lunch with the boyfriend today at McDonald's and he pointed out this picture of the winners of McDonald's Monopoly game. We couldn't help but notice that every person was overweight.

At what price to win? Obviously, their health wasn't a concern. Just like the film Super Size Me made a success out of it's filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, it also put him in almost mortal danger when he gained a dangerous amount of weight and damaged his liver by eating at McDonald's everyday for thirty days.

I know that McDonald's is an easy and inexpensive choice for many, and it's hard to get preachy when I told you we just ate lunch there. I did, however, order a grilled chicken salad that was recommended on a Fitness Magazine tweet last week (the bacon ranch grilled chicken salad with 1/4 of the dressing packet- pretty tasty!).

My issue is this: in order to win, you have to order the most calorie laden foods on the menu in order to get the winning tickets. I noticed I did not receive a game piece with my salad. I would have had to order the over 700 calorie Angus burger to get one of those. The contest only lasts for thirty days, so you have to get in a LOT of eating to be a contender.

It would be nice if all the winning game pieces were on the apple slices and yogurt parfaits.

Here is a great article that talks not only about the way the game is played, but what you have to ingest to play it. Good luck. . .


  1. I can so relate. I used to indulge like crazy during McD's Monopoly game. Not that I ever won anything other than more food, more pounds and a bigger waistline. Finally I realized that I just better stay away from there during Monopoly time, lest I catch the craze yet again.

    And it's true, salads never seem to count. They only want you buying the worst foods you can order to get a playing piece.

    Let's not mention the extra time in front of the box entering codes into their online game. Time that could be better spent exercising.

  2. Huzzah! I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed this. At least at Subway when they had the Scrabble game you could order a soda and get a playing piece. I'd always order diet, but not that diet soda is what you should really be drinking either. Love the idea of putting the game pieces on bottles of water, side salads, grilled chicken sandwiches. I could comment more, but then I'd be writing an article. ;)