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The Biggest Loser- week 6- The Curse of Davy Jones' Locker

First off, I want to apologize to firefighter Allen, because I have been spelling his name wrong for the past five weeks. Just because my name is spelled with one L doesn't mean that his is.

I feel lighter, just like the contestants on The Biggest Loser!

It is week 6, and the BL ranch is feeling the strain of GAME PLAY. The episode picks up after last weeks Trazy filled elimination where Coach Mo peaced out and Trazy worked her voodoo magic to remain on the television for yet another week. You could cut the tension with a knife as the Blue Team filed back into the room- Amanda from the Black Team thought for sure that Trazy would be gone, but it is the Blue Team's decision. Rudy states they thought they did what was best for their team. Tell Coach Mo that! If he hadn't given up, who knows what would have happened?

Trazy is here to stay. Lucky for us, this episode is not about her. Even though she thinks it is. (Shay? I really don't think you were looking for Rebecca in that line up- but I won't tell anyone.)

The contestants start in the gym, and Bob is pissed and cracking the whip. While the contestants huff and puff on the treadmill (with a surprisingly chipper Trazy- who is now cleared for take off), Bob throws out a catty, "If we can't win a weigh in, at least we can win a challenge". OUCH! Will his words haunt them as they enter today's trial?

Arrrgh, the physical challenge is a nautical theme! The contestants come to the beach at night, and Ali points out the huge piles of sand and the two treasure chests locked with four padlocks apiece. The contestants must dig through the sand until they find the keys that will unlock the box. And what will they be playing for? Arrrgh. . .we'll tell you later. I was hoping that there was a trip to Cancun- fingers crossed! The Real World meets The Biggest Loser! Call the execs!

Only eight contestants could participate, and since Abby is still pool-bound and Trazy STILL can't engage in any physical activity other than running her mouth (I thought she was cleared!), Amanda from the Black Team decides to sit this one out. Because of how she feels about sand. "It's a nuisance," she says. I'm so curious to know THAT story.

The challenge begins, and we see everyone choosing to attack their sand pile in a different way. Danny uses a shovel, Allen uses his hands, Shay lays over the pile, and Country Liz makes sand angels. 20 minutes in (digging in sand for 20 minutes! OMG!) Danny finds his treasure chest and key first. Then Allen on the Blue Team finds his- the teams are neck and neck! The phantom ghost of Bob must be watching the game, because the Blue Team completely annihilates the Black Team after 40 minutes of sand castles.

The Blue Team opens their treasure chest revealing the prize- tickets to home! The team rejoices, and Rudy and Allen talk about how they can't wait to see their wives and kids. As they head down the beach to pack their suitcases, Ali says not so fast! GAME PLAY! The Blue Team can either go home and take the risks associated with being at home, OR they can give their tickets to the Black Team. Allen and Rudy are quickly outnumbered, and the Blue Team agrees that they can always see their families when they are home at the end of the competition. The tickets are handed over, and the Black Team heads off home.

Home is a plus and a minus for The Biggest Loser contestants. On one hand it is the opportunity to see their family and friends whom they haven't seen or talked to in over a month and a half. On the other hand, home is the place where they all got heavy. Home is comfort and bad choices and 30 minute drives to the gym (in Abby's case- that is so Texas! No gyms in her town!).

We see the contestants open their front doors in the usual BL fashion- home made signs and balloons and hugs from grandma and the kids. All is right in the world. Then the reality of the situation sets in- how to incorporate all they have learned on the ranch into their real lives and how to convince their family members to do the same?

We see the Black Team at their local gyms, running on the street, swimming in the pool. We see them at big family barbecues, looking at the spread of food like lost little puppies. We see them at restaurants with the laundry list of cooking instructions for the waitstaff. How are they going to survive?

The saddest tale is Dina's. She is greeted at the door by her husband and her adorable little boy, and I thought everything was going to be okay. Her husband tells her she looks like she did when they first met, and her little boy is in awe of her treadmill abilities. But somehow things take a darker turn. Dina has to take her little boy to the gym with her (where is the husband?). When Dina and her husband go out to eat, they choose Chevy's. CHEVY'S!

Side note about Chevy's- there is one in Times Square that my boyfriend and I went to eat at. In NYC, if you are a restaurant chain, you must put the nutrition information on the menu so you know how many calories you are taking in. Every appetizer on the menu was easily over 1,000 calories. One appetizer was 2,500!!! And that was the last time that we ate there.

Dina's husband ate two appetizers and his entree. He selfishly orders the way he used to with no respect for Dina and her struggle. Why they chose that place to eat is beyond me, but his lack of support signals trouble ahead.

The most impressive tale is Danny. Being from Oklahoma, I know how hard it is to find healthy eating options when you choose to go out. I was proud that Danny managed to food journal every day, and instead of eating out he made dinners at home, proving to his family and himself that he is dedicated to his new lifestyle.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Blue Team is working their patooties off in hope that they can win the weigh in as well as the challenge and make Bob proud. Plus, they want to prove that their sacrifice of giving up trips to home was worth it.

The Black Team returns, and Jillian promptly welcomes them with a good old fashioned ass kicking. She manages to break down Dan, who finally realized that all the times his mom tried to help him with his weight that she was loving him, not hating the person he was becoming. I understand how he felt- I often felt like my family only loved me when I was thinner, and I had to realize that they wanted me to be happy and healthy. When I was ready to make the healthy switch, I had their support. And eight years later, I still have that support and I have taught them a thing or two!

At the weigh in, things are tense. The Blue Team weighs in first. Will Trazy be safe this week? Allen loses 8 pounds, Rebecca loses 5 pounds, Trazy loses 4 pounds (and now she is working out- how odd), Country Liz also loses 4, and Rudy loses 14 pounds. 14! He is a total weight loss machine. I know his family had to think that his sacrifice was worth it. So if the Blue Team is on the bottom, Trazy will have to be the one eliminated. 'Cause we all like Liz.

The Black Team is next. Will home be too much of a hurdle?

Amanda weighs in first, losing 6 pounds. Shay loses 5 pounds. Abby loses 4 pounds (so impressive! She realizes that she can keep doing this at home!) even though she is still injured. Dina loses 5 pounds, even with all the at home temptation. Danny totally blows everyone out of the water, making every Oklahoman proud. He loses 15 pounds! If you have ever been to Oklahoma, you know what a major accomplishment that is. Last to weigh in is Dan the man. Will he be able to pull off the numbers necessary to keep the Black Team afloat? Unfortunately not, because Dan not only didn't lose any weight, but he gained a pound. More GAME PLAY? Or is he feeling puffy from his flight?

The uncertainty of who will be going home hangs in the air. Everyone on the Black Team is a great person, not a game player (well, except Dan, who I have my doubts about) and shouldn't have to make this decision. But a decision must be made. Who is walking the plank?

In Twitterland, everyone thought it should be Dan, because he gained weight. But in Realityville, I knew that Dan would be staying. Why? Because next week he will pull in some MAJOR numbers. Like 30 pounds or something crazy. Who else could go? Maybe Abby, because her numbers are small. Her back story is so sad though. She needs the family support of the ranch. It can't be Shay or Danny- their numbers are too big. That leaves Dina. Even though her numbers weren't the lowest, the fact that she is young and determined means she can continue the journey at home. She heads back to Burritoville.

At the reveal, Dina is looking hot and sexy! Her little boy is still at her side at the gym, becoming a mini Bob and cheering her on. And she is a blond! Curiously absent is her husband- wondering if he was working or if he swims with the fishes.

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