Friday, October 23, 2009

DietTribe Season 2- episode 2- "Temptations"

One of the hardest parts of losing weight is all the naughty choices that are out there. My biggest temptations are kettle cooked potato chips, movie theatre popcorn, and ICE CREAM. How I avoid these temptations is I keep them out of my apartment, and if I really want them I have to walk to the store and buy them. Then I'd have to log it on my Lose It app on my IPhone. And 11:00 at night is no time to get out of my jammies and buy a bag of chips! Too much work for too many calories and too little reward.

"Temptations" was the the title of DietTribe's second episode. The 5 ladies are starting to falter a bit after their strong start and large weight loss results. Trainer Jessie states that in the first 2 weeks the weight loss seems easy because it is mostly water weight, but starting in week 3 we will see the if the ladies are truly dedicated to working hard and reaching their goals.

We begin at Bally Total Fitness, where Jessie is giving the ladies a good work over doing circuit training. Laneesa is having problems, due to a pin in her hip. But as the workout unfolds, we see Laneesa not giving 100%, instead giving a lot of excuses. Her "I Can't" attitude is starting to wear on Jessie, and we see him trying to pump her up and give her the encouragement she needs. But will it work for the weigh in?

Jessie revisits the diet and eating plan, going over the portion control part and the using a smaller plate part, and reiterates the ladies should be eating 1/2 a plate of fruits and veggies, 1/4 proteins, and 1/4 complex carbs- totalling 1,500 calories for the day. Jessie ESPECIALLY wants the ladies to stop drinking alcohol, which might be problematic as Mary's birthday is approaching and the ladies have decided on a Mardi Gras theme. I can't imagine Mardi Gras without a sweet slushy Hurricane!

A Day in the Life: each lady is either a mom, a full time worker, or both. As we see the women go through their daily routines, we realize how challenging it can be to incorporate all the diet and fitness tips that Jessie has set out for them. So Jessie meets all the ladies at Mary's home to show them quick and easy meals that they can prepare themselves and take with them.

Jessie is against the prepackaged, frozen diet meals, like Lean Cuisine. Tiffany has been eating about 8 of them a week! The meals are filled with preservatives (side note: a great alternative are all natural organic meals by Amy's- no synthetic ingredients!). Jessie makes three meals for the ladies- breakfast is fat free yogurt, fruit, and high fiber cereal mixed together like a parfait, lunch is canned tuna, mustard, and apples wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with fresh spinach, dinner is baked chicken, brown rice, and broccoli.

He encourages the ladies to plan ahead for the day and the week and not use time as an excuse so they can easily avoid temptations. But it seems the ladies are going to hit it head on like a Mack truck.

It's almost time for Mary's party, and the ladies all meet up at Rita and Laneesa's costume shop to pick out costumes for the party. The fun and laughter the ladies express by trying on different outfits is dampened when Laneesa can't find any costumes to fit her shape. Anyone who has had weight issues knows how depressing it can be to try on clothes and nothing fits. Luckily Laneesa is surrounded by her good friends, and with their support, she finds a great Medusa costume that fits her well and makes her feel more confident.

The ladies now must workout their insides with the fabulous Stacy Kaiser. Stacy wants to know how all them got where they are today, and what do they consider success. Mary wants to be happy, and wishes she didn't have the burden of being a full time mom with a blended family. That is why she drinks and eats! Lanessa wants to not pretend anymore. Stephanie wants to find happiness after her divorce and wants to rediscover who she is. Tiffany wants to stop fixing her sister Stephanie and feel her own happiness. They all agree that meeting at Tiffany's house for food and drinks is the reason why they are here today. Stacy encourages them to find a healthy ritual that they can enjoy together instead, and makes them all commit to putting themselves first.

Jessie then takes the ladies to Camp Pendleton, a Marine Corps base camp. Their team trial for the day is running the Marine's obstacle course in 5 minutes (the Marines do it in 2. . .). The ladies also must make it through the finish line together as a team. It was inspiring to watch the ladies work through all of their issues and stop saying "I can't" and start figuring out what they can achieve together. They manage to make it through the course in 4 minutes, 58 seconds. Tiffany begins to cry, and realizes that if she is that excited to finish an obstacle course, how excited will she be when she finishes a triathlon?

On the weekly video diaries, we hear the ladies talk about all the food they are craving- nachos, pizza, chips. Are they going to be able to avoid these temptations?

At the workout, Laneesa is missing. She has been coming late, or not coming at all, and the ladies and Jessie are wondering if she is truly committed to the challenge.

Then it is time for Mary's Mardi Gras party. The ladies are ready to cut loose, and we see them drinking and eating. Jessie stops in to surprise them and see if they have passed the temptation test- and they FAIL. Jessie is super pissed off as he listens to all of their excuses. The next day is their weigh in and he likens this to drinking the night before a big job interview. If it is important to you, you make the sacrifices necessary to make it happen.

It has been 2 weeks since their last weigh in, and they are 28 days into their training. The mood is definitely darker than last time. Stephanie loses 5 pounds, Tiffany loses 4 pounds, Mary loses 3 pounds, Rita loses 2 pounds, and Lanessa loses 1 pound. The ladies are 15 pounds under their team goal of 30 pounds, and therefore do not receive their prize for the weigh in. Jessie is very disappointed, and tells the ladies that things are gonna change. The ladies are angry with themselves, and the regret they feel reaffirms the fire they had at the beginning of the challenge.

I feel it will be a fresh start for them next week! And I am sure Jessie and Stacy will whip them into shape!

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