Sunday, October 18, 2009

Foster Fitness Feature: Total Core Pilates with Jules Benson

One of the challenges of at home workouts is finding the videos that inspire you to push yourself and that are just as challenging as something you could do at the gym with a professional trainer or teacher.
I love pilates, and I have taken group mat classes and private reformer classes, and Jules Benson is the closest I have found to the same quality teacher experience without having the teacher there in person. And the Total Core Pilates workout is one of the best DVDs I have found!
Jules is a warm and welcoming instructor with a charming Texas twang. The set is cool and uncluttered, and the music is really peaceful, putting you in the mood to work. And work you will, because although Jules seems like a real sweetheart, this workout is a muscle killer!
The 60-minute workout manages to challenge your core (abs especially), your adductors and abductors in your inner and outer thighs, and even your arms and shoulders with the addition of side planks. The leg series is one of the toughest around- she even jokes that you shouldn't quit because you might not come back. But you won't want to quit this workout- you can feel the movements really working to sculpt and tone your muscles.
Total Core Pilates definitely shows results. I attribute my excellent core strength and toned legs to my pilates practice: and most of that practice involves Jules Benson and her Total Core Pilates workout.

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