Wednesday, October 21, 2009

30 Day Shred Challenge: Day 1

I'll be honest- after I completed the P90x in April, I changed up my routine because I wanted to try something different after doing a 90 day program and I missed my old workout tapes. Then I moved in with my boyfriend in June. Then summer happened. Somehow, I drifted out of my 6 days-a-week workout routine into 3 days-a-week. And I noticed my pants were fitting a little more snugly.

NO! I'm supposed to be a role model! How did I slip into old patterns? Ah, happiness. I traded up with the boyfriend and I put my routine on hold.

Thankfully, my Twitter pal Paula put up The 30 Day Shred Challenge and gave me the chance to get back into my fighting shape.

Day 1 Log: Did Level 1 of The Shred and Jillian Micheal's Cardio Kickbox from The Biggest Winner series. Used 5 pound weights, and thought I was going to die by the third shoulder series. Totally sweaty but it is a great start! Took a starting weight (please don't make me share it, maybe later. . .) and looking forward to seeing the results!


  1. Trading up for happiness is worth a few pounds...especially since you're right back in the groove! I did level 1 today too and the last set of shoulder raises just about knocked me out. "Raise 'em to eye level?!" Seriously?! I did swear at Jillian for that comment. But only that one time! Ali, what are your thoughts on P90x? Thinking about adding that into my collection. Twitter later! :0)

  2. Go Alison, go Alison... (she sings!) I'm impressed that you are doing it with 5 lb weights. ;) Thanks for joining in! Have a feeling you are gonna rock this challenge girl!