Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I am "F'd Up!" about today! Back Issues and Candelight Yoga

Thanks for all the well-wishes! I love my blog family!
Okay- back issues. I am semi happy to report that I can very slowly touch my toes and pick things up off the ground again. PROGRESS. I also didn't take any ibuprofen today, and have just been relying on my heat pad and yoga. Glorious yoga, fixer and healer!

While at my job on Thursday evening, the first thing a customer did was elbow me in the small of the back. I likened it to getting a scratch on a new car- you're so careful and cautious and sometimes stuff happens. And then you deal with it from there. I knew that I couldn't exist in a plastic bubble and call sick into work and wallow in my own misery. Wallowing would probably pull something anyway.

On Thursday I attempted X Stretch from the P90X series, and it was a little too vigorous for my state. The minute we went into Sun Salutations and I had to swan dive I thought my pelvis was sutured to my spine. So, I dug through the Foster Fitness "archives" (my big storage trunk chocked full of my fitness DVDs) and found a little gem that has saved my life: Crunch Candlelight Yoga featuring Sara Ivanhoe. I did it yesterday and today and I know it is the reason why I can now flex from the trunk!

Sara Ivanhoe has a relaxed, patient voice and is a good cuer. The yoga moves are very basic- cat/cow pose, downward dog, child's pose, tree pose. No super twisty bendy moves- the entire purpose of the DVD is to get you to relax. It would be great to do before bed, or even first thing in the morning if you need something to relax you into your day. It is also only 43 minutes in length, which is great if you don't have a ton of time to commit to a practice.

When I did it Friday, I could barely tilt forward and it hurt to sit in cross-legged position. Today there was mild discomfort, but I could handle it and I could tilt forward. And like I said, no pills! I don't like taking pills. I plan on doing it everyday until I feel back up and ready to tackle that last week of Insanity. MY PLAN is to be doing it this week. Let's hope the back cooperates.

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  1. I'm a yoga novice and I've tried Basic Yoga for Dummies and Candlelight Yoga. I like Basic but I really dig Candlelight and I never feel like I'm getting myself into trouble that I can't get out of...