Monday, March 22, 2010

The Biggest Loser Auditions in My Home State. . .

Last year's winner of The Biggest Loser was from Oklahoma, and two of this season's contestants, Cheryl and Daris, are also from Oklahoma.

Know why The Biggest Loser hearts Oklahoma? Because there are a lot of fatty fatkins there. Know how I know? Because I was raised in Oklahoma City and also used to be a fatty fatkins. My father has always struggled with his weight, my aunts and cousins struggle with their weight, my little brother was getting a little chunky there for a while but recently stopped drinking and lost about 15 pounds.

Oklahoma is spread out so you need a car to live there. If you see someone walking or riding a bike you assume it's because they have a DUI, no kidding! Our public transportation system is a joke, and we have SO many drive throughs and restaurant chains. We like to eat because culturally there isn't a ton going on. Don't get me wrong- there is a small community for the arts. But we all know each other because it is so small. Entertainment isn't museums and cafes, it's Cheeseburger in Paradise and a movie at the mall.

I wasn't surprised to see that Biggest Loser hosted auditions this past weekend in Oklahoma City. What surprised me after reading this article courtesy of News 9 in OKC was the amount of people who seem like they simply can't do it UNLESS they are cast on the show. That watching BL kind of makes them want to work out, and maybe sometimes they do. I wish I could shake these folks and tell them they don't need the show. What they need is that burning fire from within and the ability to believe in themselves to want to change. They don't need Bob and Jillian and temptation challenges and weigh ins in front of America with their shirts off.

I like BL for many reasons. I do worry, however, that there is a new crop of obese people that will start using not getting on a reality show for weight loss as yet another excuse for not working out and eating better. Or even quitting smoking, for God' sake. Make sure to watch the video clip in the article and you will see why I feel it is so important for Oklahoma to get healthy.


  1. Dang, that was a lot of folks auditioning for The Biggest Loser. The interviewer, by the way, looked bored out of her mind.

    Hopefully, many of the people will start their own journeys because most of them will get nowhere near the BL ranch.

  2. I like to be contrary. I was fat in So Cal around all the skinny, pretty people. Didn't really get into health and fitness until I moved to Central Texas (ok, Austin, which is MUCH different, but still...).

    I remember watching the show thinking that I really could use a fresh start like that. Oddly enough, all it took was some hard work and changing my habits...