Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 1 without Insanity

I injured my back/hip one week ago and had to postpone my final week of Insanity (I would have been finished on Monday!!!!) until I am back in business. Since that day I have engaged in gentle yoga and stretching, walking in the park, and yesterday was the first day I tried to ramp it up a bit by doing Tracy Effinger's Squeeze. It was a lot more hip rotation, stretching, and pilates action and I was nervous that it would make my traveling injury seize up again.

I am happy to report that all muscles are fine, still a little sore, but I can move pretty normally. When I say traveling injury, I mean it started in my low back, moved to the middle of my hip, moved to the side of my hip, traveled to my hip flexor and my inner thigh, and today it seems to be focused mid glute. Every day is an adventure with this injury!

I never dreamed I would be out of commission for for a week or more when I ignored my body's warning signs. This has been an excellent lesson. :)

NEW NEWS: The date for my PT test is April 23! Plenty of study to be done between then and now. Please send lots of positive vibes my way!


  1. How would you like those positive vibes shipped? Is regular mail okay or should I FedEx 'em? I'll just fax them... that'll be quickest.

  2. Done. The positive vibes are headed your way. ;)

  3. Thank you both! Jack- fax will be just fine. :)