Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 51: Insanity Challenge- NEW PHOTOS and FIT TEST RESULTS!

Hola, ya'll! Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow is the BF's birthday, and I just spent a few hours trekking around the Big Apple in search of the perfect gifts! I felt like I burned a million calories walking and carrying heavy bags around. (Shhh- I don't want to reveal gifts until I have given them! What if he read this post?)

Today was day 51 of my Insanity challenge- that is week 3 of month 2, or 51 days out of 63 days. I can't believe it is almost over! The great part of owning the Dvds? I can go back in a couple of months and be insane all over again. Feel the burn.

I completed the fourth Fit Test yesterday and here are the results:

Switch Kicks: Day 1- 120 Day 15- 118 Day 36- 148 Day 50- 135

Power Jacks: Day 1- 56 Day 15- 53 Day 36- 62 Day 50- 69

Power Knees: Day 1- 102 Day 15- 110 Day 36- 114 Day 50- 123

Power Jumps: Day 1- 35 Day 15- 32 Day 36- 40 Day 50- 42

Globe Jumps: Day 1- 10 Day 15- 11 Day 36- 13 Day 50- 13

Suicide Jumps: Day 1- 18 Day 15- 19 Day 36- 22 Day 50- 22

Push-Up Jacks: Day 1- 30 Day 15- 34 Day 36- 45 Day 50- 55

Low Plank Oblique: Day 1- 55 Day 15- 74 Day 36- 78 Day 50- 80

I am growing in leaps and bounds! On the exercises where I stayed the same, I honestly don't know how I can complete any more in the time allotted (I only have one minute). I am amazed by my verifiable progress!

On the measurements front, I am down 2.5 pounds from 2/8/10, down one inch on my waist (30 inches!), 1/2 an inch on my hips (33.5 inches!), 1 1/2 inches off my chest (33.5 inches!) and my legs and arms have stayed the same.

33.5, 30, 33.5? Only if she's 5'4"! (Thanks Sir Mix-a-lot!)

And here are the pics, lovingly spliced together by my BF. They were taken on the first day, mid way through, and yesterday.

I can see more of my belly button! I feel like I am losing the hippiness and toning up all over- my legs and arms look hot! And yes, that is my dog Magenta sitting in the same place both times. She wanted to see her results too, apparently.

I wonder how much more I will change by day 63? I'll keep you posted. . .


  1. WOW I have been trying to try out those dvd's! they look, well insane hahahaha

    your results are great! your back looks so strong! and yup your belly button is def more visible! keep up the fabulous work chica

  2. You go, girl. You're looking good.

    I like the concept of repeated insanity when it comes to exercise...

  3. Girl! You are looking GOOOOOOOOOD!!!! And the Fit Test results ain't too shabby either. WOW!!!

  4. Wow, what progress, both visually and through your test results! Woohoo!