Friday, March 26, 2010

Recovering Nicely- Week 2 Without the Insanity

Hello blogophiles! Happy to report that on my two week mark without my beloved Insanity I am doing leaps and bounds better!

It was very hard mentally to be without the intensity of Insanity. I really thought I was going to reverse all the progress that I had made over the past two months in just these couple weeks in traction. Easy yoga just doesn't have the same calorie burn, you know? I have really watched my food and I have managed to maintain my weight without any gain (woo!). I am so thankful that I did listen to my body and took the time to really stretch and take care of myself. Because of the preventative measures I took that first week, this week I have been able to incorporate lighter aerobic activities into the rotation with no further injury aggravation.

I did level 1 of Jillian Michael's Shred, intenSati Great Body Great Life with Patricia Moreno (awesome new DVD I picked up during the intenSati Warrior Challenge), and today I did 10 Minute Solution Kick Box Boot Camp with Keli Roberts. Every morning I wake up and check my hip and how it is feeling, and the only move that seems to give me any problems is laying supine and tilting my pelvis with my legs to do a lower body crunch. That gives some discomfort, so of course, I don't push my luck.

So here's the plan, Stan. After the weekend I plan on doing Insanity Core Cardio and Balance for one week (like the Insanity recovery week) and then completing the very last week of Insanity like I originally planned before I jacked myself up. Then I can take my final results picture and get the Insanity t-shirt for finishing!!!! And I can tell everyone to suck it while pointing at the shirt. :)

Here's to a healthy weekend and some healthy Insanity!

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