Monday, March 8, 2010

Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp- week 4- Snot Rockets and Ponchos

I'm not kidding. Snot grosses me out beyond belief and somehow it was prominently featured this week.

"I'm waiting until all this is over to pig the f**k out!" crows Sebastian Bach in the opening bus ride on the way to boot camp. Another sign that these "celebrities" are taking this seriously! They are greeted by Harvey who yells that they need to beat the rain, and everyone goes to change into their fatigues.

The drama is already brewing like the storm clouds above: Sebastian had organized a hike for his team outside of the camp, and the day of Taneesha had sent him a text message canceling on him. He was pissed. Ironically, this week's focus was on teamwork. Can we guess that all hell is going to break loose?

The "celebrities" march through the rain for their fourth fit challenge: The teams must carry heavy supplies up a steep hill, build a tent on top of the hill, and then load the supplies into the tent. The team that finishes first wins.

The hill is a pretty steep incline, and Bobby B immediately has issues getting up it. Jay points out that if Bobby quit smoking it would be easier for him- WAIT. Jay was just seen popping a cig in his mouth last episode. . .did he quit in the last week? Or did he think I didn't notice he was smoking while getting on Nicole about drinking? I digress. Taneesha also can't get up the hill, and we see her flailing and struggling as usual.

Bobby and Jay are nitpicking each other as they struggle with the supplies, and Nicole accuses them of not trying harder. The blue team actually makes it to the top of the hill first, even with Taneesh's struggles, but their lead doesn't last for long. The red team is a wiz with setting up the tent, and the blue team can't quite pitch it. Sebastian loses his temper, screams that he wants a poncho, tries to rip one off of a camera man, and then knocks a camera out of another camera guy's hand. He is pitching a fit instead of a tent. When he knocks the camera over, Taneesha starts yelling at Sebastian and it is ON.

The next few minutes are the Sebastian and Taneesha show, which overshadows the red team's victory at completing the task in 2 hours and 3 minutes. Sebastian and Taneesha drop the f-bomb, insult each other's careers and hair, and Sebastian flips off the camera and then blows a snot rocket towards it while threatening swine flu. NICE.

At the dead weight vote, everyone does the usual I vote for myself routine. . .except Sebastian, who decides to vote for Taneesha because he is bored with the game. All hell breaks loose as promised, and Harvey decides in the first time in Fit Club history that the whole team will be dead weight. They will all break the tents down and carry all the supplies back down the hill.

"We defeated ourselves," says Kevin.

At dinner time, Sebastian shares not to vote for a teammate as dead weight "unless you want to get the gun". Kaycee sits down with Taneesha to encourage her to apologize, and surprisingly she decides to take the high road. Taneesha goes to Sebastian, and he admits the reason he was mad was because she didn't go on the hike with him. She apologizes to him, he apologizes to her, and it is all good.

After dinner life coach Rhonda brings the "celebrities" together for a group viewing of family videos from home. She reiterates the teamwork theme and the importance of support from home to inspire and continue their weight loss.

I thought this part was a little odd, as most of the contestants get to be home during the week and see their wives and girlfriends and children on a daily basis- this isn't like the Biggest Loser where the are shipped to the ranch with no outside contact. But what do I know!

Jay gets a video from his family, and they promise to stop eating so much pizza and kettle cooked chips. Bobby B's dad offers words of encouragement, and he has been through it all: quadruple bypass, diabetes, cancer, quitting smoking. Dilyn, Nicole's daughter, wants her mom to feel confident again. Nicole feels alone because she is a single mother and doesn't have a great adult support structure at home. Rhonda doesn't want her to rely too heavily on her daughter, and she needs to reach out and broaden her support structure.

Video after video shows families that love their "celebrities": Kaycee's husband, Sebastian's wife, Taneesha's cousin. Kevin says it's nice to see them as "regular people".

Then it was Kevin's turn and things got a little uncomfortable. His newest girlfriend Victoria shows him pictures that his children had colored for him. His children with Brittney and Shar, not her children. Shar looks sad as she watches on, but then Shar's video is of her daughter, who tells her she wants her to start dating again and to "beat Dad!".

Feeling warm and cuddly, the "celebrities" go back to their bunks and rise early the next rainy morning before even Harvey arrives. Harvey is smiling and motivated to start his "doggone" day. The teams head to a dance studio (A camp that has a dance studio? Where is this place?) where they learn how to step dance. First of all, Jay has some moves! He can dance AND sew? It was cool to watch Kevin and Bobby finding their joy again, and even Sebastian finally got the hang of it. "We were a team and it felt great!" said Taneesha.

Then it was time for the four week weigh in.

Kaycee: Last week: 190 lbs Today: 185 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 5 lbs Next week's goal: 3 lbs

Nicole: Last week: 126 lbs Today: 124 lbs Goal: 3 lbs Total Loss: 2 lbs Next week's goal: 3 lbs

Taneesha: Last week: 236 lbs Today: 229 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 7 lbs Next week's goal: 4 lbs

Jay: Last week: 244 lbs Today: 240 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 4 lbs Next week's goal: 3 lbs

Kevin: Last week: 222 lbs Today: 218 lbs Goal: 3 lbs Total Loss: 4 lbs Next week's goal: 3 lbs

Shar: Last week: 140 lbs Today: 140 lbs Goal: 3 lbs Total Loss: 0 Next week's goal: 3 lbs

Bobby: Last week: 197 lbs Today: 192 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 5 lbs Next week's goal: 4 lbs

Sebastian: Last week: 217 lbs Today: 214 lbs Goal: 4 lbs Total Loss: 3 lbs Next week's goal: 4 lbs

The blue team is still above the red team, but only by 4 fit factor points. The individual lead is still Kevin, but Jay is sneaking up.

The weight loss seems to be creeping along, but I am still curious how the "celebrities" are working out during the week and if the weight loss is real or reality show. I waited on Wendy "the Snapple Lady" last year at my restaurant, and she was a two time competitor on the show. She was still big, and she still loved to eat. It's like nothing she learned on the show sunk in. Will this be the fate of the others on the show? As Dr. Ian says, "The scale doesn't lie. . ."


  1. Dr. Ian doesn't know that my scale is straight up pathological. ;)

    I actually caught this episode online. It's interesting that Sebastian was mad because Taneesha didn't go on a hike with him.

    I once read this quote that said something like: approach people as if they're a little kid.

    And, really, Sebastian wanted Taneesha to play with him and she didn't wanna...

  2. Ok, I don't watch this show but is that SEBASTIAN BACH from that 80s group? Song: 18 and Life? OMG. Holy crap he's looks old. And, non-hot looking. GEESH.