Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Lady Uses Lady Guns Against Obesity

When I was a kid I never understood why my mother did not want me eating Lucky Charms and Cookie Crisp. I would spend the night at my cousin's house and it was like Christmas morning with the amount of sugary cereals she had to choose from. My house? NutriGrain. Muslix. YOGURT. What was she trying to do to me?

My mom is a little thing- only 5'2" and about 120 pounds on a bad day. She has always had a "food is fuel" mentality, whereas I think food is delish and the more the merrier. Hence why I had a weight problem and she didn't. Looking back, I am thankful that my mom instilled in me those positive food thoughts. Can you imagine if Michelle Obama had been in the White House too? Why, I may not be writing this blog! (Just kidding. I still would have this passion- I just had to take the long hard road to get here.)

The Huffington Post featured this article about our fearless First Lady speaking at the Grocery Manufactures Association. She put the smack down on companies such as Kraft and Coca-Cola about the products they produce. It is refreshing to read that someone is calling out these companies that are mislabeling products as healthy, taking fat out of a product and replacing it with sugar and salt, and supplying our kids with vending machine Frankenfoods.

With new bills being passed to reduce the epidemic of childhood obesity, the Froot Loops and Fruity Pebbles of my childhood may become a distant memory. Have you read the label on a box of Froot Loops? The number one ingredient is SUGAR. Before the grain! And the front of the box has a huge banner that touts it is a nutritious source of fiber. OMG, y'all.

I'm hoping that all these healthy regulations pass and nutritious real foods become the norm instead of a trend. And I hope that the busy mom at Wal-Mart with her four kids running around her won't have to take time out to read the label on that box of cereal because we will all know what's in it. Follow my nose! It always knows!

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