Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 55: Insanity Challenge

Happy weekend blogophiles! I am at the tail end of my work week (I am a waitress-for-now) and even though my work schedule is crazy late night hours, I wanted to check in. Let you know that I am still breathing. And still working out!

The BF's birthday was amazing, although I did indulge a little too much in the drinky cupcakey birthday things. I took the day off from working out so I could have a full day of merriment, but when it was back to the grind on Thursday I felt bloaty and sluggish. UGH! You truly are what you eat. I was 1/2 a Crumbs bakery cupcake, a cheeseburger, 2 bottles of beer, and some red wine. I sweated it out, even though I didn't really feel like my usual bad ass self.

Tomorrow is the end of my second month third week of Insanity, and next week is the final week! The process has been amazing, and should anyone want to know if Insanity is right for them please ask me. I have been working it out for almost two months and I can answer any insane question you can throw at me!

PLUG: If you have boobs of any shape or size you must get thee to Intimacy, a fancy bra fitting store that only wants the best for your breasts. I found out about it from my fairy godfather Tim Gunn on his show Tim Gunn's Guide to Style where he preached that your undergarments are the foundation of any outfit. I am a chesty lass, and needed new bras to replace the stretched out ones I have been pretending are suitable. AND I wanted a really respectable sports bra.

Intimacy holistically measures you: no measuring tape. The bra fit specialist (mine was Molly at the 62nd and Lexington location) literally can size you up just by looking at you. Then she brought in a lot of bras to try on- so many options and so pretty! I found out that I was not a 38 D like I had always thought, but a 34 DDD. Cup size and band size are completely individual to everyone. I love the ones I purchased and feel like it is something that every women should do. A great fitting bra is really important to a workout, and the difference is incredible.

Plus I look about 10 pounds lighter. And my boobs are back where they should be.

Stay tuned for my end of the week fit test results, new pics, and my blogs on Celebrity Fit Club and The Biggest Loser!!! And a big thank you to my readers and friends for the positive comments and cheering on through this challenge. YOU ALL ROCK!!!!

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  1. LOL, I'm glad that your boobs are back where they're supposed to be. Now, I'm going to check out Intimacy. Later...