Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You CAN Take It With You!

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As anyone in shouting radius knows, I am going on a holiday vacation. One of the challenges of going out of town is getting out of my routine: Will I have room to work out? Time? Proper equipment?

Luckily, I have my list of sure fire tips and tricks that will ensure I get my work out on. If you are going out of town, or even going over the river and through the woods, you'll want to read this.

Problem: Weights are heavy! Solution: Carry one set of light hand weights. I like to use 3 pounds, maybe 5 if I don't have too many pairs of shoes to pack. 3 pound weights will allow you to add resistance to any activity without having to pay extra luggage fees.

Problem: I've packed too much and can't take weights! Solution: Resistance bands and tubing are light and fit into any crevice in your suitcase. Bands provide multi-plane resistance and can be used in everything from squats to crunches to pilates. Plus they only take up as much room as a pair of socks.

Problem: I need a television and DVD player to work out! Solution: Bring your lap top. My lap top is a multimedia machine. It play DVDs, and I can set it up anywhere that I have some space.

Problem: I don't know what type of DVDs to bring. Solution: Bring videos that require little to no equipment. That way, there are no excuses to not workout. Recommendations: 10 Minute Solution Slim and Sculpt Pilates, Kickbox Core Cross Train, and Squeeze are three workouts that each offer multiple timed workouts with little to no equipment to fit into the busiest holiday schedules.

Problem: I don't own any of the aforementioned products! Solution: Walking or running shoes are the only piece of equipment you'll need. Lace up and get out there. Grab a pedometer to track your steps and you'll burn even more calories.

I travel often and find that if you make a plan in advance and try not to wing it, you'll get the leg up on the new year and a fabulous new you. Happy travels!

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  1. Great tips. Now I wish I was going somewhere instead of working out every day in my boring old gym. Boo boring old gym!