Friday, December 18, 2009

California Adventure- Day 1


I landed last night in the great state of California, and I am so happy because it is supposed to snow this weekend in New York! WOO! Sorry, Magenta. She hates to be walked in the snow.

For those of you who do not know, I am here in Pasadena visiting my boyfriend's family for Christmas. And it was 75 when we landed. Please make it last!!!

My goal in "California Adventure" is to make sure I stay accountable with my fitness goals even though I'm out of town. I want to prove to you all that is indeed possible.

Day 1's goal was to not eat like a total pig when I got to the airport and on the plane. The JetBlue terminal at JFK is like a fat person's dream: burgers, Philly steaks, pizza, and potato chips out the wazoo. Because the flight to California is 6 hours long and there are no meals on the plane, I knew I had to choose wisely.

I am lucky to live in a city that requires the calorie counts to be listed on the menu. I chose a turkey burger with blue cheese and banana peppers instead of the Supreme Deluxe Burger (a whopping 1,500 cals) and no french fries to eat pre-flight. For the "road" I chose a chicken salad and snack size hummus and pretzels.

This is where I point out the importance of reading your labels. READ THE LABELS! Even on salad. Had I chosen to eat the entire salad with the dressing, I would have ingested 109 grams of fat. WHAT? I didn't eat the dressing at all, saving myself from certain death and destruction.
On the plane I chose a snack size bag of sweet potato chips and water instead of soda.

I managed to make it through the day without completely sabotaging all my efforts! I felt satisfied with myself, and woke up this morning not completely angry with my stomach.

Off to work out, following my travel tips (read my last blog)! Have a happy Friday!!!

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