Monday, December 21, 2009

California Adventure- Day 4- Early Christmas

Day 4 caught me unawares: I went to church with the family, went to a lovely brunch, helped set up Christmas lights and decorations, and then went over to the boyfriend's family's house to have an early Christmas dinner.


More than one Christmas dinner? YIKES. I walked into the house and smelled turkey. I looked over and saw an assortment of pies. *gulp*

It hadn't occurred to me that I was going to fight this temptation more than once this season. A great holiday meal is a wonderful thing: Is two holiday meals too many?

I fussed in my brain, trying to devise a plan. Then I realized that it's JUST FOOD. IT'S ONLY FOOD! And food is not the enemy. My poor choices that I used to make are.

So I enjoyed the juicy turkey, loaded up on the steamed veggies and had a dollop of the green bean casserole. I avoided the bread. And for dessert? I took thin slices of the pies I wanted to try and I savored them.

It was really nice to meet all the family I hadn't met, and I felt proud of myself for not overindulging. That was the Christmas Miracle. :)

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