Wednesday, December 23, 2009

California Adventure- Day 6

I wait tables. And as a waiter I can tell you I honestly do not mind dietary special requests. If you want your food cooked a particular way, as a member of the "foodie" community, I am obliged to help you within reason.

If we don't have black bean soup on the menu, don't ask if we can just whip you up a batch. That's just nutty.

However, if you ask for no mayo or cheese, by all means you should get it that way.

Yesterday I was eating lunch with the boyfriend and his mom. She has many dietary restrictions, which makes going out to eat a challenge. She informed our waiter that she wanted the turkey club with no cheese, mayo, or avocado.

Strike one: he didn't write the order down. Ugh! I hate that.

Strike two: it was delivered wrong, of course. Cheese, check. Mayo, check. Avocado, check. The waiter stopped by and asked what she wanted. AGAIN. He asked if she wanted chicken or not. No, she replied. No chicken on my turkey club.

Strike three: when it arrived the 2nd time, it still had avocado. Really?

You are out, waiter. I was rooting for you, too.

Luckily, a manager did swing by and bought her sandwich.

My point is that you should insist as a healthy diner to get what you ordered. If my salad has dressing on it when I ordered on the side, well, I want no dressing.

Being healthy and taking care of yourself means no excuses. On your part or on others parts.

Remember that, as you steer through the holidays and cruise into the new year, too. Don't take no for an answer! And it is okay to send your food back.

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  1. I completely agree Alison. I can't believe when I am eating out with someone and they refuse to send something back that is clearly not what they ordered. It seems insane to me.

    Hope your trip was fun!!

    -Adam @