Saturday, December 12, 2009

30 Day Goal Challenge: Days 8-14

Half way through the goal challenge!

I find this challenge to be both awesome and frustrating. Awesome: Setting a goal and accomplishing it, daily. Frustrating: Running out of hours in the day to check in.

I just spent the morning checking in on the forum, backtracking my progress over the week. It's my own fault- I sometimes get lost on Facebook or Twitter and forget to make checking in a priority. Then I am on the subway going to work and remember that I forgot. I get home late from work and then the last thing that I am thinking about is getting on the computer.

It's a vicious cycle. :)

So, here are the goals that I set for myself this week:

Day 8: Today's goal was to get some homework done- I finished a chapter in my workbook! YAY! I also did some heavy weight lifting with a new DVD, Jari Love's Extremely Ripped. It was awesome, and I think with all the cardio I'm ding the muscles that start to show under the flab will be amazing!

Day 9: I wrote my blog up to the first hour of the BL. I also talked myself into working out- I almost didn't do it and started to think of a slew of reasons why not-but then I talked myself into it instead. Did the Lotte Berk Method Muscle Eats Fat DVD and relaxed with some tea.

Day 10: Today's goal was rest. And I did.

Day 11: After resting yesterday, I knew I needed to pick up the pace. My goal today was just to workout. I did Jillian Michaels Cardio Kickbox.

Day 12: Today's goal was to get out of the apartment and to walk around town, and then I came home and did Stott Pilates On a Roll.

Day 13: Today's goal was to get in some cardio before going over to friend's house for dinner. Did Jillian Michaels Boost Your Metabolism. I feel boosted.

Day 14: One of today's goals was to FINALLY finish my BL recap blog. Also other goal was to do an hour of cardio. Dusted off some old Firm DVDs and proceeded to have my butt handed to me by some very pleasant and fit southern women. Aye yai yai!

Still kicking goal's butts and taking names. Trying to eek more time out of my day! Lesson learned: even if I can't physically check in, as long as I am actually meeting my goals that is good enough.

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  1. Alison, you are my hero - all that you manage to get done in the day! Good work on plowing through! So glad you're on my "team" with this weight loss gig - wouldn't be the same without you! :)