Tuesday, December 22, 2009

California Adventure- Day 5- The Peanut Gallery

Hello all! Still loving life and enjoying things here in California.

Something I am noticing is how utterly and completely exhausted I get at the end of the day. My normal schedule has me working fairly late, and then I stay up a couple of hours later when I get home, and then I sleep for maybe 6 to 7 hours. Here I have been zonked by 9, and I am getting a solid 8 hours or so.

Rest is such an important part of the routine. In an ideal world, it would be great to get this much rest daily. Hopefully, once I get out of my restaurant gig I'll have a more "normal" schedule. Until I start training people at 6 in the morning. :)

Day 5 was an exciting day! I started with a little Shape Body Boot Camp Cardio Intervals, and then the boyfriend and I headed off to Knotts Berry Farm. It was the perfect day: The weather was cool, the lines were amazingly short, and I got to see Snoopy on ice.

One thing that I couldn't help but notice was the food everywhere! Funnel cakes, popcorn, cotton candy, soda: Anything you could imagine that's not good for you. And I saw it in a few waistlines, too.

A good tip when you are traveling to one of these fast food meccas is to plan ahead. Christopher and I ate a good breakfast ahead of time, so that we didn't need to eat a lot at the park. It would also be a good idea to have snacks in your purse or bag.

My one indulgence was a hot dog with mustard. I LOVE mustard. At about 315 calories and 18 grams of fat, the hot dog seemed liked the wisest choice.
Excited about Christmas here with the family, and excited to be sharing it with you all. I'm staying on track and staying accountable- how are you all doing?

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  1. Planning ahead can get you out of jams all over the place. I've squirreled away healthy alternatives in my office, at home and in the car so that I never feel like I have to stop and get fast-food because there's no other "option".