Monday, January 3, 2011

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions. . .

Happy New Year, everyone! 

I have spent the past couple of days rolling around some possible goals for the year 2011.  Like many of you, I have spent years making resolutions I couldn't keep.  My favorite:  To wear a bikini at the beach this summer.  That was my resolution for a long time, and I still only own one pieces.  I finally came to the realization that I don't even WANT to wear a bikini, so why was I making some crazy resolution like that?

2010 was a special year because it was the very first year that I set an intention and I actually made it happen.  My goals for 2010:

1.) get certified to personal train
2.) get a real gym job
3.) leave my waiting tables job

Check them all off the list!  Then it made me wonder:  Will I be able to set forth a new intention for 2011 and make it happen?  Now that I am going around saying YES and making my dreams happen, it is a little nerve wracking. 

What if I fail?

I realized that negative type of speech was the reason I stopped myself from succeeding all those years.  I have been so afraid of failing that I would rather not even try to succeed.  Now that I know that I can make my dreams come true, I want to keep the momentum going. 

So what am I setting as my intention for 2011?

1.) Get pre and postnatal certified
2.) Move from Tier 1 to Tier 2 (levels of trainer at Equinox)
3.) Get enough clients at the gym to make a great income!

Wondering how to make a proper resolution for the year?  I find the most important detail is the goal must be specific, it must be reasonable, it must be within reach!  If all of your dreams involve becoming an astronaut and you have never been to astronaut school, what is the likelihood you'll be among the stars anytime soon?

What are you all planning for 2011?  It promises to be a good 'un. . .

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  1. Outside of my usual fitness goals, I want to get back to the roots of my! I've been a singer since I could speak, and I've been trying to learn guitar for years. Took a beginners class in college. I would love to get good enough to write a song by the end of the year. Keeping it simple. Just. One. Song.