Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Really? C'mon, Starbucks!

I posted about Starbucks calorie laden holiday drinks (worth about 17 candy canes of sugar) in December.  Now Starbucks hits my health radar again with the invention of the TRENTA- a 31 ounce coffee cup.  Meant primarily for iced coffee (I'm sure people will order it black with no sugar or milk) for now, I am assuming that the company thought it would be a good idea because of the laws of displacement.  ICE TAKES UP SPACE.  Bigger cup, more room for liquid, right?  I learned that on Mr. Wizard.

What I want to know is WHY?  In a world where heart disease is the number one killer and everyone from the President to yours truly is trying to work on the obesity epidemic, why would a company as "globally conscious" as Starbucks want to encourage more mass consumption?  If the size is only for iced drinks for now, it won't be long before folks are ordering their other coffees in the larger sized cup.

I went to Starbucks website and there is no mention of the Trenta anywhere.  I found this handy chart on HuffingtonPost.com that shows the average human stomach, how much it can hold, and how the Trenta can fill that up.  With a little left over.

Per la vergogna, Starbucks!


  1. saw this last night and could NOT believe it...like we still need bigger sizes! geesh!

  2. Great question! Although people should know better, they are being conditioned to think larger sizes are okay.

  3. I'm really at a loss on this one. It's like a big gulp for coffee. Didn't anyone see Supersize Me?