Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Biggest Loser- #BL11- week 4- One Hour Loser

Oh, Arthur.
I have a theory on Dan and Don's 9 pound weight gain last week on The Biggest Loser.  I think they both ate their body weight in ham.  Whatever method they used, they aren't talking about it:  Don maintains his innocence even though everyone calls him out and tries to give him the opportunity to come clean.

Marci makes 2 excellent points:
1.)  Someone else that wanted to be on the ranch could have had Dan's place
2.)  Now that Don is lying to his team, it causes controversy because there is a lack of trust.

"If you're not going to tell the truth, go home this week," Marci says.  Judging by the clip of next week's episode, showing someone gaining weight yet again, I can't help but think that it's Don that is heading out.  Who else would gain 6 additional pounds?

Maybe Arthur.  At the temptation challenge this week, the Losers were faced with all their old favorite foods that brought them to the ranch to begin with. Bowls of mac n' cheese, whole chocolate layer cakes, and PIZZA, Arthur's favorite.  The teams are put into a "shame vault" for 3 minutes, and whichever team eats the most calories gets to pick a team to go live with The Unknowns for 1 week.  All the teams are very virtuous, vowing not to eat a single bite. . .except Arthur, who nabs a chicken wing in the name of not having anyone else control his destiny.

Then he sends the green team of Jay and Jen to The Unknowns.  I don't understand the strategy of sending the strongest team to live with the trainers with the highest success rate, but that's just me.

Jay and Jen are apprehensive about The Unknowns top secret secret-ness, but the Unknowns greet the green team with lots of love and enthusiasm.  "You're going to love it!  We hit bags!"  says Rulon.  The new trainers, mostly Cara, make me miss Bob and Jillian's acting chops when they seem surprised with the new additions to their team.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Bob and Jillian dig into Don and try to get him to open up and show some emotion.  He finally breaks through his moustache boundary, saying "Get the bleeps ready."  He rants and raves about his innocence and how he is going to prove everyone wrong.  RRRIIIIGGGHHHTTT.

At The Unknowns Fitness Ridge destination, the Unknowns give the green team a tour of their luxurious accommodations.  Healthy meals they don't have to cook?  Check.  Beds and rooms cleaned daily?  Checked.  Bigger pool?  Check.  Makes me wonder how The Unknowns are going to do when they have to go back to the ranch where things are a little less cushy.  And they have to eat Subway for lunch every day.

At the weekly challenge, the green team is sent back to compete against the ranchers- 8 against 2?  COME ON.  Like they even had a chance at winning those letters from home.  Needless to say, the Ranchers FINALLY got something right, sending the green team slinking back to their neatly made beds.


So really, this episode was 3 hours long.  We'll see how all the trainers decide to play nice together, and who wins the 6 pounds.  JUICY.

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