Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cycle for Survival! I need YOU!

Hey all!  I mentioned awhile ago that I am participating in Cycle for Survival, a cancer research fundraiser through Memorial Sloan-Kettering hospital and Equinox.  Basically, me and the team I am on (Fit Chick in the City!) are going to be pedaling away on spin bikes to raise money. 

Our team is shy $400 of our $1,000 goal!  If you have an extra dollar stuck in your couch and your not doing anything with it, would you please donate?  I said I was going to raise $1,000 on my own!  And then I donated $50 and no one else has given me anything.  So, that makes me look bad.  HELP ME NOT LOOK BAD AND RAISE MONEY FOR CANCER RESEARCH!!!!

Here is the link to donate to me and my team:

To add more excitement to the event, funny SNL man Seth Meyers has released this public service announcement.  Look for all the other funny cameos in there, too.

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