Friday, December 31, 2010

A Reminder of Why I Do This

I have struggled with my self image my whole life.  Some days I am body positive, and some days I say horrible things about myself that I would never say to anyone else.  One of the reasons I decided to get into the fitness industry was to change others perceptions of themselves so that they never had to feel badly like I have.

It was with sadness that I read a little snippet in the newspaper at work this morning:  "Isabelle Caro, Model Who Battled Anorexia, Dies at 28."  I had read about Isabelle when she became the poster child for anorexia during fashion week a few years ago.

Isabelle Caro
Although the report I read was unclear about the cause of death, it is certain that her years of struggle with the disease of anorexia were a contributing factor. 

I am hoping that through this blog I can reach out to those who are struggling with eating disorders and body dismorphic issues and that we can all help each other heal.  Losing lives to such a powerful illness is a reminder to us all that food (or the lack there of) is powerful.

Let's be mindful as we start 2011 that we can be the change we would like to see in this world!

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  1. Hey Alison!

    It's Troy from TROYandhisGUITAR (dot) com.

    I've been one of your subscribers for a few months now and I've been thinking a lot about why I (and others) don't comment on the blogs we subscribe to more often. When we have a thought in our heads, why don't we value ourselves and our vital opinions enough to make a simple comment?

    So, what I want to convey to you is a hearty THANK YOU for being here with me - on the same page - and teaching and blogging with love and concern/care. Especially about the subject of this post.

    Specifically with me, I've been "skinny" and called skinny all of my life, so my mind really took a toll on what others were saying about me and my physique and body image. So it's really interesting that my POV on the body image spectrum is so different from Isabelle's or say, someone on Biggest Loser.

    Thanks again and keep on keeping on! Much love and mad respect!

    -Troy :o)

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