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The Biggest Loser- season 11- week 1- The Unknowns

Blue team Jesse is cheered on by daddy Jay and daughter Jen at the first challenge!
Aaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddddd. . .we're back!  Welcome to The Biggest Loser, season 11!  The voice over promises the biggest cast ever with two new trainers who we will get to meet VERY SOON.  Maybe after the commercial break.  Maybe in the second hour.  Maybe next week.  Until then, we must be satisfied by their shadowy silhouettes.

This season's cast seems a lot more hopeful with just a twinge of tragedy.  It is definitely not the drama from last season.  MAYBE, just maybe, NBC read all of our tweets and posts and reformed the show!  Could this be good old school Biggest Loser?  Oh, let's hope so.

Let's meet the Losers.

Brown Team:  Father and Son, Ken and Austin
Stating weight:  Ken- 377 lbs, Austin- 396 lbs, Total: 773 lbs
Fact: 9 people in their family have had bariatric surgery. 

Aqua Team:  Mother and Daughter, Marci and Courtney
Starting weight:  Marci- 238 lbs, Courtney- 323 lbs, Total: 561 lbs
Fact:  Family owns a Dairy Queen and Mom runs a gym;  Courtney lost 100 lbs before the show.

Orange Team:  Mother and Daughter, Ana and Irene
Starting weight:  Ana- 255 lbs, Irene- 255 lbs, Total: 510 lbs
Quote:  "Like mother like daughter," Ali quips.  Ouch.

Red Team:  Husband and Wife, Q and Larialmy
Starting weight:  Q- 437 lbs, Larialmy- 301 lbs, Total: 738 lbs
Fact:  No facts because the show didn't focus on them at ALL.  I don't even know how to pronounce the wife's name!

Pink Team:  Mother and Daughter, Deni and Sarah
Starting weight: Deni- 256 lbs, Sarah- 261 lbs, Total: 517
Fact:  Sarah has miscarried multiple times because she is overweight.

Blue Team:  Father and Son, Jesse and Arthur
Starting weight:  Jesse- 293 lbs, Arthur- 507 lbs, Total: 800 lbs
Fact:  Arthur started at 646 lbs and is only 5'8" tall.

Green Team:  Father and Daughter, Jay and Jennifer
Starting weight:  Jay- 400 lbs, Jennifer- 278 lbs, Total: 678 lbs
Fact:  Jennifer doesn't know what it is like to be thin.

Purple Team:  Sisters, Olivia and Hannah
Starting weight:  Olivia- 261 lbs, Hannah- 248 lbs, Total: 509 lbs
Fact:  Olivia is an opera singer in New York City.

Grey Team:  Father and Daughter, Moses and Kaylee
Starting weight:  Moses- 440 lbs, Kaylee- 233 lbs, Total: 673 lbs
Fact:  They are the token Tongans this season.

Black Team:  Twin Brothers, Dan and Don
Starting weight:  Dan- 287 lbs, Don- 309 lbs, Total: 596 lbs
Fact:  This season's team from Oklahoma!

Yellow Team:  "Friends" (sorry, I just think that's funny!), Justin and Rulon
Starting weight:  Justin- 365 lbs, Rulon- 474 lbs, Total: 839 lbs
Fact:  I don't know if you caught this, but Rulon is an Olympic medalist.  They might have failed to mention this.  100 times.

After the meet and greet, Ali announces that the contestants will all be competing in their first challenge tonight!  The challenge will determine who gets what trainer:  Bob and Jillian or THE UNKNOWNS.  If they choose THE UNKNOWNS, they will get four weeks of immunity.  A hefty prize, that.  The order they finish the challenge will determine what order they get to choose.

The challengers load up for a tag team 5k on manual treadmills.  WHAT?  No 26 mile stationary bike ride?  Is this a softer gentler season?  These folks need to be eased in, because most of them don't know what a 5k is or have ever been on a treadmill.

Everyone huffs, puffs, and grunts to choose their destinies!  Who chose what?

1- Yellow Team- The Unknowns
2- Grey Team- The Unknowns
3- Aqua Team- Bob and Jillian
4- Green Team- Bob and Jillian
5- Brown Team- The Unknowns
6- Purple Team- Bob and Jillian
7- Pink Team- The Unknowns
8- Red Team- The Unknowns
9- Orange Team- Bob and Jillian
10- Blue Team- Bob and Jillian
11- Black Team- Bob and Jillian

The teams that chose the new trainers walk into the light to meet their makers.  The other teams head to Bob and Jillian, who state that even they would have chosen the immunity.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.  Let's get to the day one workout!  Let the yelling, puking, screaming, sweating, falling, fainting, and pouting begin!  Jillian tries not to yell and lasts for about five minutes.  Bob focuses on Arthur, puts him in the Cross Hairs, and gets him to open up about how he got to be over 600 pounds.  Apparently he gained weight with the birth of each of his children. . .

Then we cut to the mysterious Unknowns in their top secret location that happens to be The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu.  The trainers look like they can drop an ass kicking just as well as B and J.  And maybe someday we will get to see their faces.  Someday.

At the second weigh in, Ali informs the BJ's (I know.  I KNOW!) that The Unknowns dropped some serious poundage with the new trainers.  How did the ranchers fare?

Green:  Jennifer:  From 278 lbs to 258 lbs- 20 lbs lost
Jay:  From 400 lbs to 374 lbs- 26 lbs lost
Total loss:  46 lbs BW: 6.78%

Black:  Dan:  From 287 lbs to 268 lbs- 19 lbs lost
Don:  From 309 lbs to 288 lbs- 21 lbs lost
Total loss:  40 lbs BW: 6.71%

Purple:  Olivia:  From 261 lbs to 245 lbs- 16 lbs lost
Hannah:  From 248 lbs to 232 lbs- 16 lbs lost
Total loss:  32 lbs BW: 6.29%

Aqua:  Marci:  From 238 lbs to 224 lbs- 14 lbs lost
Courtney:  From 323 lbs to 308 lbs- 15 lbs lost
Total loss:  29 lbs BW: 5.17%

Blue:  Arthur:  From 507 lbs to 476 lbs- 31 lbs lost
Jesse:  From 293 lbs to 286 lbs- 7 lbs lost
Total loss:  38 lbs  BW: 4.75%


Orange:  Ana:  From 255 lbs to 246 lbs- 9 lbs lost
Irene:  From 255 lbs to 242 lbs- 13 lbs lost
Total loss:  22 lbs BW: 4.31%

The first elimination sends home momma Ana (no surprises here) who learns to salsa, hang out like Sex and the City, and carry mail like a champ.

Next week:  The Bj's vs. The Unknowns.  Tune in!

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