Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let's Go Out to the Lobby!

It occurred to me today while waiting in line for popcorn and a Coke Zero at the movies that the movie theatre concession stand may be one of the last great overlooked sources of fattening goods. Large boxes of candy. Icees. Ice Cream. Nachos. Pretzel Bites with dipping cheeze. Huge buckets of soda and even bigger bags of popcorn.

I always loved Ellen DeGeneres' stand up bit about the movies being the only place where it is acceptable to sit in the dark and shovel food into your mouth like you are starving to death. It's even cool to drop it down the front of your shirt- no one can see you.

Every so often the news flings a story at us about movie theatre popcorn and how bad it is for us, but it's still there. And it hasn't gotten any littler. I mean, the small popcorn is SO small, and the large popcorn is SO LARGE. The "deals" make it even more expensive for you to eat a smaller popcorn and drink a smaller soda. It's cheaper to get a combo with twice as much food! The movie theatre makes the bulk of their money off of concessions regardless if you are gaining in bulk by eating them.

Don't think I am preaching to you, folks. I love movie theatre popcorn. It is the ULTIMATE treat, especially when it is hot and fresh! Today's popcorn was so salty I cursed myself for giving in and will now be retaining water for a month thanks to a momentary lapse in willpower. But the saltiness also kept me from eating the entire bag. So, win win?

And now movie theatres are offering pizza and flatbread sandwiches to go with your nachos and hot dogs. What are we eating here? This can't be any good for us. But if we had healthier selections, would we want them? I remember how gross air popped popcorn tastes compared to the bad stuff. And I would rather have peanut butter cups than carrot sticks.

I wish I could think of some really great alternatives. . .like excellent dark chocolate and fresh, non processed popcorn with no golden flavoring. Really great frozen yogurts with fresh fruit. And no Raisinettes. I hate Raisinettes.

Any ideas, readers? Or do you go to a movie theatre that has some legit program in place? Lemmeknow.


  1. I realize this involves a big purse and sneaking food in, but...I make air popped popcorn taste good wih a little something called baconsalt.

  2. We have a movie theatre here that serves real food - so I can get a veggie burger, or veggies/pita chips/hummus, or a salad (plus lots of other delicious not-so-good for me food). For some reason, I never really did the popcorn thing at the movies growing up so I never got in the habit. I have gotten popcorn before and it just makes me sooooo sick I don't bother.

  3. Sometimes I sneak in my own popcorn and snacks lol....

    BTW were you at Self Workout in the park???

  4. Mari, I went and saw Iron Man instead! It was chilly out there! :)

    Quix- you make me miss Austin so much! I don't know why NYC doesn't have an option like that.

    Mikie- I love the baconsalt. That is going on Death By Sandwich.