Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kirstie Alley's Big Life- episode 10- "As Seen on TV"

I'm a sucker for a good infomercial. I own a Firm Fanny Lifter, a Fluidity dance barre- I own a Magic Bullet. If it looks cool I want it! Looks like infomercial fever is also catching at Kirstie's house. Jim and Kirstie are getting bored with their workout routines and are desperately looking for ways to shake things up.

Jim is wearing an ab belt. I didn't think anyone would actually pay money for these things, especially because it is proven not to be effective. Jim is a bigger sucker than I am. He shows Kirstie the belt, earning the nick name "Robobelly", which earns Kirstie an electric shock when she sticks her finger between the belt and the belly. The ab belt opens a Pandora's box of gadgets: An ab roller, Perfect Push Ups, neckline slimmer, the infamous Shake Weight, cross country ski shoes and poles. Jim even has sun glasses that you wear when you eat so that your food looks bad. For real?

Sounds like Kirstie and Jim need some real motivation. Cut to Kirstie watching one of my all time fave infomercials- P90X! I watched the ad about a million times before I finally bought it. I am a P90X grad (holler!) and a Beachbody Coach, so I know what is up with the X. "That's what you're supposed to look like!" Kirstie says while watching. "It looks hard," says Jim.

Yes, Jim. It's hard.

One of the many benefits of being Kirstie is that P90X inventor and super trainer Tony Horton actually comes to your house. In anticipation of his arrival, Jim gets abs spray painted onto his ample belly. He ends up looking like a Mayan fertility statue. He does show off his "ripped 8 pack" to Tony, who encourages him to put his shirt on half way through the warm up. Tony is just like he is on the videos- goofy, warm, and kick ass. I know that Kirstie and Jim will see results if they decide to stick with it!

As Kirstie says in a completely unrelated part of the episode, " Fear is a great motivator." I smell their fear with the X!

Oh, and there is a new cast member, Aussie Nick. But true to an earlier blog post, he is not in the exercise part of the show. Sorry, mate.

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