Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BL9- week 17- The Biggest Competitor

You all know how I feel about Loser Koli. I feel he has turned into one of the biggest game players of the season, even bigger than the wicked Melissa! Maybe he isn't quite to last season's Trazy status, but he is getting there.

Face it, folks. The sweet teddy bear Koli that joined the show is no longer. He is leaner and meaner.

After the elimination where Sam goes home, Mike thanks Ashley and Daris for saving him. Koli immediately meets with Sunshine, his only remaining ally, and starts trash talking the remaining contestants. I believe Sunshine uses the terms "stupid" and "delusional" to describe the others for voting off Sam. Koli is feeling "kocky" and says they should have eliminated Mike because he is the bigger threat. Koli knows that he is going to be #1 and Sunshine will be #2- and how accurate he ends up being!

Ali greets the contestants on the veranda and lets them know that there are no longer any alliances- only a red line. Whoever falls below the red line will be sent home immediately with no vote. It's every man for himself! Since it's the last week on the ranch, two former winners have come to speak to the Losers and check up on how they are feeling. Helen, season 7 winner (and a mom who didn't save her daughter from elimination), and Erik Chopin, season 3 winner who lost it all and almost gained all of it back have come to offer encouragement and support. They have been through it all before- and one of them is going through it again. The number one message they have is that it's not about the finish line and the confetti but the long term, life long journey of healthy weight management.

After the meetings, the Losers get to the gym and tell Bob and Jillian about all the latest buzz. Bob notices that there is some tension in the room and when he asks what is up, Koli has a mini-explosion. "There is no animosity here," he says, and when Daris mentions that Koli may be feeling sad about Sam going home he spits "Don't guess what I am feeling. Right now I don't give a f*%k. Sam's gone, whatever."

Reer! Hiss hiss!

Since the contestants are "frothing at the mouth for a beating", Jillian and Bob oblige, laying into them with some good old S & M: sweat and machines. Bob focuses his mind bullets on a sensitive Mike who breaks down old school style. Last week's makeover episode upset him because he still had to go to a specialty store for his clothes unlike the other guys that got to shop in a regular store. Bob reminds Mike to look at the big picture: Look at how far he has come! He has lost almost 200 pounds, made himself healthier, built more confidence! At the end of the day, the scale is just a number. It's the way that you feel about yourself that really counts. "It's all about you," Bob advises.

The challenge is one we have seen before on season 7: The contestants must carry their own weight metaphorically and literally in jumbo size lunch bags with their before pictures printed on them. They carry the weight over 16 hills, each one representing the weeks on the ranch. At each hill they drop off the weight that they lost that week. Whoever wins gets $10,000. It is great to watch the contestants see their real journey in such literal terms. Carrying all that weight on their bodies, and how unhealthy they really were is hammered home when hill after hill they can reach into their bags, pull out a huge chunk of weight, and just throw it on the ground.

Daris easily takes the lead, and sprints to the finish line. After winning, he turns around and helps Mike and Ashley who are struggling with their great burden. Sunshine and Koli also help after they finish, and everyone walks the finish line together. Ali announces that Daris can take the $10,000 or he can opt for a one pound advantage. He takes the one pound- CRAZY! I'd go for the money.

After the challenge, Bob takes the Losers out on a shopping spree that goes against almost everything he talks to Mike about earlier. They go to Wal-Mart since now they "don't have to go to specialty stores!" (What?) Then football star Tony Romo shows up and tells the contestants that it isn't all about them but about the team. Why do Bob and Jillian tell the contestants that it is just about them? This was the most confusing plug ever!!!

Then it was time for home movies with Bob and Jillian. This is my favorite part of the journey! I love when the contestants can watch how far they have come. And the best part is when their old heavier selves talk to their new selves. The number one piece of advice? Don't give up!

After a last chance workout montage and watching Ashley fall off the treadmill three times in one episode, it was time for the weigh in and the moment of truth.

Mike: From 334 lbs to 322 lbs- 12 lbs lost

Koli: From 244 lbs to 231 lbs- 13 lbs lost

Daris: From 205 lbs to 195 lbs- 10 lbs lost

Ashley: From 238 lbs to 231 lbs- 7 lbs lost

Sunshine: From 178 lbs to 176 lbs- 2 lbs lost

So Sunshine really was #2. 2 pounds, that is. She is below the red line and not the biggest loser. But she looks great! And she proved to herself that she was a winner.

The final four is Mike, Koli, Daris, and Ashley! Not exactly what I predicted (I would have like to see Koli get his comeuppance) but I am happy with the other three. Now the real game play begins!

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