Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BL9- THE FINALE!- We have a new Loser!

Italian Stallion Mike is the new Biggest Loser! He went from over 500 pounds to a little over 200 pounds. He won my heart over the season with his charm and humor, and he was a good game player when the time was right (hear that, Koli and Melissa?) His decision to pack the Blue team with heavy hitters and all the ladies and Sam on the Black team kept him in the competition for weeks longer, giving him the time it took to catch up with the other smaller players.

The at home winner WAS Koli, but the contest for America's vote was won by my fellow Oklahoman Daris, who looked adorable and NOW has a girlfriend. Mission Accomplished!

Ashley looked amazing and actually beat Daris, and her mom Sherry almost beat every competitor for the at home prize. Everyone looked great- here's hoping that everyone keeps it off and we don't see Koli on a very special episode of the Biggest Loser two seasons from now. . .

To see all the amazing transformations, click on this link:

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