Saturday, May 15, 2010

The "Fly" of the Tiger!: Spin Class at Flywheel Fitness

Before you judge me and my fine choice of music, note that the last song we were spinning to was "Eye of the Tiger" and the title of this blog popped into my head. I am brilliant!

Okay, back up.

I was being nosy on twitter last week when I noticed Jessica from the blog Fit Chick in the City twittering about Flywheel. "What's a Flywheel?", I wondered, and butted in on her twittersation. Jessica GRACIOUSLY invited me to a *free* spin class at Flywheel Sports at their Flatiron NYC location. I accepted, because momma didn't raise no fools.

Funny story- I haven't been to a spin class in three years. All I remember is my butt hurt. I was hoping that this would be a new and exciting foray into spinning for me. Plus, I have read many of Jessica's posts about spinning and she makes it sound so darn fun.

FLYWHEEL IS AWESOME!!! Cool looking. Very nice professional staff (with an Amazon model front desk clerk). Free spin shoe rental. Free locker. Free bottle of water. This place has the GOODS! Since I have never been to a spin class of this magnitude, the instructor Erica (who is THE BOMB.COM, by the way) helped me figure out proper seat and handlebar position and how to put my shoes in the pedals. I was locked in. There was no way to escape now.

The class is done practically in the dark- which is fine, because no one needs to look at me while I'm mouthing song lyrics and drowning in a pool of my own sweat. The sound system is awesome, and the bikes? THE BIKES. 1.) I didn't feel like I weighed a million pounds- those bikes are solidly implanted into the ground and 2.) They are so easy to adjust! The torque was easy to figure out because there is a lit screen that also shows your RPM. I am also happy to report that it is in the afternoon and my butt still is not sore. So, yay for me and my butt.

The classes are 45 minutes long and include light resistance training (while pedaling) in the middle and a nice stretch at the end. I loved Erica's motivation and enthusiasm. I also loved her music! Anyone who wants to play Justin Timberlake is a friend of mine.

Flywheel's classes are not expensive- just $30 for a single class- and you get so much for the money, it is totally worth it. I am so excited to make this place a part of my fitness regime!

Best part of the day: Getting to meet fellow fit bloggers Mari (Namaste Mari), Mo (Food Snob), Tracy (Go, Tracy, Go!), Maggie (Picky and Healthy), and of course Lauren (Gympressions) who I met at yoga with Bob Harper. Combined with meeting Jessica it was such a treat! Please click on their links, check them out, and add 'em to your blog roll!


  1. Honey it was sooooo great to finally meet you! we need to do lunch one day =)

    When I got home from the class, I took a nice loooooong epsom bath far so good =)

  2. It was great meeting you today! I'm so glad you enjoyed the class!