Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Truly Happy Meal!

This article on makes me rejoice! San Francisco is proposing restaurants that sell kids meals with toys must make healthier choices for the kids in regards to portion sizes, sodium content, and healthy options. FINALLY!

The good: You can let your kid get a Happy Meal and not feel terrible that you are contributing to the demise of your child's future health and well being by offering them a meal that is more than half of their daily caloric intake. (A 2-3 year old child should only be taking in 1000 calories daily according to the American Heart Association) A typical cheeseburger happy meal (with a diet soda, mind you) is 550 calories.

The bad: It's only in San Francisco. FOR NOW.

Just like the soda tax and calorie content on menus, this is just another small step to get us as Americans to get healthy--and starting with our children is a great place to be! The article states that only 16% of kids like the food and 36% like the toy that comes as a result of eating the food. If the toy is so important to the kids it is unfair for companies to be loading their meals up with extra fat and sodium because they are children.

Sidebar: I absolutely detest the fact that Froot Loops is advertising to moms right now that Froot Loops are a good source of fiber. FIBER? How many kids do you know have constipation? You know what the number one ingredient is in "Froot" Loops? SUGAR!!!! There are so many other fabulous options out there moms! DON'T BE FOOLED!
I couldn't find the current ad- but here is one that also pissed me off.

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