Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Money Hungry- episode 1- MEET THE CONTESTANTS

As I said before during Bridal Boot Camp and Celebrity Fit Club, I don't know how much real life learning about weight loss there will be on a weight loss show on VH1. It's all about fun: It's not going to be a tear fest like The Biggest Loser. That being said, I think I am in for quite the ride on Money Hungry, a fabulous new weight loss show where the contestants put up $10,000 of their OWN money to compete. You lose, you get nothing. You win, you get $100,000.

Like The Biggest Loser, the contestants are in teams of various colors, they compete in challenges, they have a trainer (Richard Cascioli- he may suffocate you with his biceps), they all live together and train together. Unlike Loser, the contestants have an alcohol closet and team names (I love!).

They come from all walks of life, from meeting at fat camp to being mother and daughter. They are all very heavy and need to lose the weight. Nothing funny about that, but somehow the show has cast some of the biggest characters around that are a lot of fun to watch. So, let's meet them! (Warning- this post has some lists going on. Bear with me.)

Team: "Family Sized"- mother and daughter

Starting weight: Denise- 252 lbs Katie- 371 lbs Combined weight- 623 lbs

Team: "No Excuses"- just friends (what does that mean?)

Starting weight: Melissa- 289 lbs Josh- 354 lbs Combined weight- 643 lbs

Team: "Grading Curves"- teachers

Starting weight: Tricia- 193 lbs Missy- 309 lbs Combined weight- 502 lbs

Team: "Rocker Moms"- moms (very complicated. . .I know.)

Starting weight: Carrie- 256 lbs Beth- 220 lbs Combined weight- 476 lbs

Team: "Slenderellas"- friends from Fat Camp

Starting weight: Jackie- 213 lbs Kaitlin- 402 lbs Combined weight- 615 lbs

Team: "Roll Models"- plus size models

Starting weight: Shante- 229 lbs Jamie- 249 lbs Combined weight- 478 lbs

Team: "Mission Slimpossible"- gamblers

Starting weight: Joseph- 243 lbs Mark- 265 lbs Combined weight- 508 lbs

Team: "Double Chocolate"- friends (and yes, they are ladies of color)

Starting weight: Georgette- 249 lbs Tammy- 202 lbs Combined weight- 451 lbs

Team: "Flabulous"- friends (and Phillip is SUPER GAY.)

Starting weight: Stephanie- 216 lbs Phillip- 436 lbs Combined weight- 652 lbs

Team: "Chicago Deep Dish"- travelers

Starting weight: Marilu- 260 lbs Bridget- 200 lbs combined weight- 460 lbs

Team: "A Pair of Nuts"- a comedy duo (correction: the world's most unfunny comedy duo)

Starting weight: Yamil- 278 lbs Johnny- 266 lbs Combined weight- 544 lbs

Team: "The Regulators"- bouncers

Starting weight: Po- 383 lbs Dave- 467 lbs Combined weight- 850 lbs

There are all the usual trappings of a reality weight loss show: spirited host (MTV Sports' Dan Cortese- remember him?), lots of fights between team members trying to motivate themselves and hating on each other, and lots of drinking and puking. WHY IS THERE DRINKING ON A WEIGHT LOSS SHOW?!?!? Puking leads to the wrong kind of weight loss, ya dig?

There is also some working out. As far as diet and nutrition, the only eating that is shown is the last supper of fried foods and crap. Somehow, the contestants did lose some weight. At the final weigh in, the loser was determined by the least amount of body weight lost.

Chicago Deep Dish- From 460 lbs to 439 lbs- 21 lbs lost- 4.57 % BW

Mission Slimpossible- From 508 lbs to 485 lbs- 23 lbs lost- 4.53% BW

Roll Models- From 478 lbs to 457 lbs- 21 lbs lost- 4.39% BW

Regulators- From 850 lbs to 816 lbs- 34 lbs lost- 4% BW

No Excuses- From 643 lbs to 619 lbs- 24 lbs lost- 3.73% BW

Slenderellas- From 615 lbs to 594 lbs- 21 lbs lost- 3.41% BW

Flabulous- From 652 lbs to 631 lbs- 21 lbs lost- 3.22% BW

Double Chocolate- From 451 lbs to 438 lbs- 13 lbs lost- 2.88% BW

A Pair of Nuts- From 544 lbs to 529 lbs- 15 lbs lost- 2.76% BW

Grading Curves- From 502 lbs to 490 lbs- 12 lbs lost- 2.39% BW

Rocker Moms- From 476 lbs to 465 lbs- 11 lbs lost- 2.31% BW

Family Sized- From 623 lbs to 612 lbs- 11 lbs lost- 1.77% BW

So mother and daughter Family Sized are the first to go. Dan Cortese tells them that this is "just a starting point. Don't stop now."

I don't know how many days there were between the initial weigh in and the final weigh in. The numbers seemed low compared to the other shows that are out there. How many hours a day do they work out? What are they eating? Why is trainer Richard so veiny?

These questions and others I hope to uncover over the course of the season. One thing I do know is the show will be a ton of fun. (Get it? Ton? Sigh.)

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