Monday, August 23, 2010

Dance Your A** Off- season 2/episode 11- "Then There Were 3"

We have made it to the semifinals!!! It was a long journey, filled with many hours of sweat, tears, and monologues with gay country sayings the way only Michael could do it. The three remaining contestants are Michael, Latoya, and Adamme-- who, incidentally, I called out in my first blog post as my favorite. Do I watch a lot of TV or what? I can pick the winners in the beginning!

There is some strife in the DYAO household: Adamme and Latoya are snipping at each other about everything from gas to wiping your sweat off the elliptical machine. Sounds nasty. Michael hopes their arguing results in lower numbers on the scale and decreased dance ability. If only it worked that way, Michael. If only.

The three dancers meet Mel B on the beach to hear about their semifinal challenges. She announces that three is the magic number: A group dance, a jazz routine involving a prop and tricky turns, and a hip hop number. MORE HIP HOP FOR MICHAEL! He must be so thrilled.

After a recreation of Adamme and Latoya's bickering for their dance partners, the contestants are invited to dinner with Mel B. And surprise-- they have guests! Adamme's twin brother, Michael's best friend, and Latoya's mom. Her name is VELVET. I love it. We also learn that Michael used to work at Dollywood. OF COURSE.

After the introductions of the judges including SYTYCD guest judge Tabitha (from Nappy Tabs!), it is time for the dance break, suckas.

Everyone does so well, it is literally down to the scale to decide who will be continuing to the finals.

Adamme: From 225.9 lbs to 215.9 lbs- 10 lbs lost + dance score = 14.1

Latoya: From 170.2 lbs to 168.7 lbs- 1.5 lbs lost + dance score = 10.8

Michael: From 216.1 lbs to 212.0 lbs- 4.1 lbs + dance score = 9.9

Michael is heading home, but not without a great parting interview and a signature finger snap.

Next episode: PART 1 (what?) of the finals. So big it has to be divided into two parts like those Harry Potter movies.

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